How to cook corn at home

Step 1.

Fill corn with water

Peel cobs from skins, hairs. If necessary, rinse under running water and put in a pan. If the cobs are too large, they can be broken into two parts.

Fill the cobs with water and put them to boil. After boiling, turn down the heat to minimum. There is no need to salt the water. Salt is usually sprinkled on the already boiled corn just before eating.


  Boil the corn Step 2.

Boil the corn

How long to boil the corn cobs depends on the corn itself and its variety. Young cobs (lighter looking, with juicy kernels) are enough for 1 hour. Old corn (brighter, orange) should be boiled for 2 hours. Also now there are often new varieties, which are enough and 20 minutes.

If you don't want to make a mistake, simmer the corn for 20 minutes after boiling, then tear a kernel and taste it. If it's tender and tasty, you can turn off the stove and leave the corn to infuse.


  Boiled corn on the cob Step 3.

Ready boiled corn

It is better to store boiled corn in the water in which it was boiled. Without water, it will quickly dry out and become unpalatable. When the water cools, it is better to put the pot in a cold place. In the refrigerator or basement, boiled corn can last up to 3 days.


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