How to cook delicious meat pies in the oven

Now I'll tell you how to cook meat pies in the oven

RuGPT3: Now I'll tell you how to cook meat pies in the oven.


In this recipe, I make beer dough. It turns out I have something like this, but you always make the dough the way you like.

Salt, pepper, and garlic are added to the minced meat. Do not be afraid to overdo it — the minced meat should not be too sour, otherwise the meat falls apart when frying.

I bake a lot of pies at once for frying and leave them to soak inside and out. I have a lot left here.

 Dough. Dissolve yeast in beer, add soda, flour and a little water. The dough should not be steep, not even very liquid. You can knead the dough for a long time - it depends on the quality of the flour and its humidity. The test should be soft, elastic. You can put a little oil — why I do this, because at the time of frying, the minced meat becomes quite greasy, so the oil will not only spread beautifully in the pan, but also keep more weight of the pies.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Test


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