How to cook kebab

How to cook delicious kebab

Shish kebab is not just fried meat, but a whole ritual with its own rules. To prepare a delicious and soft kebab, first of all you need to choose the right meat. For a good shashlyk perfectly suited pork, fresh and not very fatty.


For pork shashlyk you must buy oek or neck, as this makes the softest and juiciest shish kebab. The loin, loin and brisket are also very suitable. The most dry and stiff meat would be shovel or ham.


Everyone can use his own preferences and choose meat of his own taste. There are marinades, a mixture of seasonings, vegetable oils and natural products containing acids to make the meat soft and tender in any case.


Meat, seasoned in a marinade, becomes soft and flavorful, which is due to, the ingredients in it. For pork, beef and lamb marinades are made rich, while marinades for chicken and fish should be more delicate and tender.


The tougher the meat, the longer you need to keep it in the marinade. And so here we go...


Wine marinade


To prepare a traditional marinade for pork you need two kilos of meat, two or three small onions, 200-300 grams of white table wine, a small bunch of fresh basil or a handful of dry herbs, salt and black pepper.


Portion the sliced meat into the pan in rows. By the way, the size of the slices depends on your desire, just remember that they should be even, to fry equally.


Each layer we sprinkle with salt, pepper, onion, cut into rings, and basil leaves. Then we mix all the mass well, as if rubbing the spices into the meat.


We pour the wine over the meat, mix it and let it stay for at least a couple of hours. A wine marinade gives the meat a delicate flavor and makes it softer. It is suitable for any kind of meat, including turkey and chicken.


But, if someone doesn't like the wine flavor can try the other marinades below.


Pomegranate marinade

For its preparation for two kilograms of meat take two cups of pomegranate juice, two or three onions, a couple of bundles of basil and mint, salt and black pepper.


Cut the onions into rings, knead them with your hands so that they give out their juice and mix with the meat, add salt, pepper and mix everything well. Then pour the pomegranate juice and let stand for at least 10 hours, or preferably a day.


The shashlyk will be juicier if you add two tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil in the marinade. The oil envelops the pieces of meat and keeps moisture inside, but it should be remembered that the use of vegetable oils makes the dish a little longer.


Pomegranate marinade is loved in the East, it is ideal for lamb, but also suitable for pork and veal.


Matsuni Marinade

This marinade can make even the toughest meat soft. So if you did not manage to buy the right meat - do not worry, you can "ennoble" it with regular yogurt or kefir.


To make it you will need a liter of buttermilk or kefir, three medium onions, salt and pepper for two kilos of meat. Cut the onions into rings, then mix them with meat and spices and pour the received mixture into the kefir, which should completely cover the meat.


The dish with the meat should be well shaken and left for a day to marinate. Kefir marinade is suitable for chicken kebab, and for beef.


In the marinade for chicken, you can use sour cream instead of yogurt - the taste of this dish will accompany you for a long time.


Marinade on mineral water


Marinate the meat in mineral water is very simple, delicious and also fast. The meat is very soft and tender. Even the oldest beef after a couple of hours spent in this marinade, turns into a tender fillet.


To prepare it we take one and a half or two liters of mineral water for two kilos of meat, two or three small onions, a bunch of basil, salt and pepper to taste. Finely chop the onion, squeeze the juice of a lemon on it and grind everything with your hands. Then mix it with meat and spices, pour mineral water on it so that it completely covers the meat.


Leave it to marinate for an hour, and if you think that the meat is too tough, then for a couple of hours.


You should not add medicinal-tablet types of mineral water to the marinade - they have a peculiar taste and smell that they can pass on to the meat.


Coffee marinade

To prepare this unusual marinade for two kilograms of meat you will need four tablespoons of olive oil, four small onions, one liter of hot, but not boiling coffee, a couple of bundles of basil or mint, salt and pepper.


Cook the meat as described above and then pour the coffee. Leave it to cool first at room temperature, and then put it to marinate in the fridge.


The meat should be kept in this marinade for six hours. An uninformed person will never guess what has given the dish such tenderness and flavor.


There are hundreds of recipes for kebab marinade. In marinades add soy sauce, honey, beer, tomato juice


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