How to cook kebab on the grill

Usually shish kebab is cooked on a chargrill - whole pieces of meat. Often at a picnic roast vegetables and mushrooms or bake potatoes in the coals. Why not diversify the menu and try to make kebab on the grill. The famous oriental dish will delight you with its incredible taste, and you will be able to surprise your friends with your culinary skills.

How to cook kebab on the grill / Easy and delicious solution for a picnic

The legendary oriental dish

Kebab is traditionally associated with Eastern cuisine: Turkish, Caucasian, Azerbaijani. However, it is difficult to name its real homeland, as several countries claim this title at once.

In Russia, this dish has become popular relatively recently.

The word kebab literally translated into Russian means "fried meat" and combines many dishes, including the popular shashlik or shish kebab.

Lula kebab usually means minced meat cooked on chargrill on a skewer. Traditionally, in Oriental countries lamb is used for cooking. But you can meet kebab from such meats as:








Sometimes the recipe involves mixing several kinds of meat. There are also vegetarian versions of kebabs, such as those made with potatoes.




The perfect kebab kebab: a recipe on the grill

Real kebab is cooked, of course, on coals. But not on open fire: coals must burn completely, give a steady and even heat, which ensures the perfect dish - moderately juicy and not burnt.

It is important to use the right skewer, otherwise instead of tasty meat sausages you will get solid disappointment: with the wrong skewer the meat can slip on the coals. There are special skewers for kebab, short and wide enough for stringing minced meat. It is also important to press it tightly to the skewer so that there is no air left in the sausage, otherwise the meat will not stick to the spit.


Keep the meat in the fridge before stringing it: a few hours before stringing it, the fat will become sticky and the mass will stick better to the skewer. To make the mixture more sticky, you can add a raw egg.

The dish should be fried until it is browned, turning the skewers regularly, so that the meat bakes evenly and grips more tightly. It is easy to determine when kebab is ready: when the transparent juice starts to flow from the meat, it can be removed from the grill. Also, the ready-made sausage will easily come off the skewer. It is important not to miss this point and not to overcook the dish, otherwise the sausages will turn out too dry. Remember that minced meat cooks much faster than whole pieces.


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