How to cook Russian pancakes with milk?

This is the most popular recipe for Russian pancakes. These pancakes are not difficult to make, and they are suitable both for dessert and as a main course.

We will need:


milk - 500 ml;

an egg - 2 pcs;

flour - 200 grams;

vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;

sugar - 1 tablespoon;

salt - 1 pinch.

Now let's proceed to the preparation of the dough:


First, we need to beat the eggs in a bowl and mix them with sugar and salt. It is best to take the eggs out of the fridge in advance, so that they have time to warm up to room temperature;

Add the milk and mix well;

Pour the flour. Do it gradually, kneading all the time, so that the dough becomes homogeneous and of the right consistency;

Finally, add the vegetable oil and mix everything thoroughly again.

Begin baking:


To start well heat a frying pan and add a little vegetable oil, literally a couple of drops. We distribute it evenly over the whole pan with a brush;

Put the fire on the middle;

Pour 90 ml of batter into the pan. The pan should be tilted slightly so that the batter itself spreads in a circle;

Fry the pancake for 2-3 minutes, then use a thin spatula to lift it up and gently flip, then bake for another 2 minutes;

Place the finished pancake on a plate and cover.

Such pancakes are suitable for any filling to your taste. You can spread them with jam and get a wonderful dessert for tea, or wrap roasted stuffing in them - it will be an excellent and hearty lunch. It is also the kind of pancakes most often served with caviar and red fish.

Bon appetit!


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