How to cool Home without Air Conditioners

Buying AC is costly affair and the electricity bill that comes after its use causes strain on finances, especially on that of middle income family. Moreover AC do consume lot of electricity and Emit lot of heat outside. This is environmentally unfriendly. Hence following natural and less costly small solutions to cool house is economically and environmentally beneficial. Let’s look at some of the ways.

Window arrangement

If you are constructing a new house, endure that the windows are in line or in front of each other. This will allow the air to circulate freely inside the house. The flowing air create the wind chill effect. The windows should in appropriate direction as per location. Windows should be placed such that the line joining the windows align with natural direction of the wind.

The windows should be as large as possible. This will allow maximum air to be in and maximum inside air to go out. One more benefit will be good natural light will come in rooms leading to pleasant feeling.

Use Curtain of light color during hot days

Light color curtain will reflect maximum light and prevent increase in room temperature. Also placing a green color net over the area in front of the door and windows will also prevent hot air from coming inside the house. Also green color gives a cool feeling.

 Applying white color or white chalk paste on room

During summer days applying the white color on roof leads to reflection of most of the incident Sun rays. This prevents heating of house from above. If good quality of color is applied it remains for 2-3 years. This reduces the temperature by 2-3 degrees compared to what it would have been in its absence.

Use of window fans

Fit two window fans, one pulling outside air into the room and other pushing inside air outside. Use these fans during morning and night hours to fill the room with outside cold air and then as far as possible close the windows and doors. In afternoon hours your room will be comparatively cooler than outside.  

Use ceiling/pedestal fan

If it’s sweating too much use ceiling/pedestal an. The flowing air thrown by the fan will create the wind chill effect and you will feel cooler due to sweat evaporation.

Plant Trees around your house

Planting trees will not immediately provide you any relief but in long term when the trees will become large and heighted, they will act as barrier for hot winds and also provide a cooler effect. It is observed that the area with trees remain cooler by 3-4 degree Celsius compared to areas with no trees. Thus planting trees in surrounding area is a good natural option in long term.


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