How to Create a Quiz for Your Blog in Wordpress

In this tutorial, we’re going to take you step-by-step on how to create a quiz in WordPress

Are you wondering how to create a quiz in WordPress? Look no further, we'll show you how to add a quiz to your blog, step-by-step.


Quizzes are a powerful tool, especially if you’ve just started a blog. Whether you use them for fun or you want to collect valuable information from your readers, quizzes are a great way to boost engagement. They can even make you go viral and skyrocket traffic to your website.


Not only do quizzes help boost engagement, but they can help you get more traffic from social media.


BuzzFeed is an excellent example of how viral quizzes work. They generate tons of traffic and social shares from their popular quizzes.


Here are some more reasons why you should add quizzes to your blog:

Adding quizzes to your blog makes visitors stay longer on your site, which lowers the bounce rate. A low bounce rate is not only good for your blog’s engagement, but it’s also good for your blog’s SEO.

Quizzes can help you grow your email list. You can direct them to your newsletter page or add a signup form in the quiz itself.

It can help improve your conversions. For example, you can create a quiz that educates users about a product you want them to buy.

A simple WordPress quiz can open all sorts of opportunities for your blog so it’s best to take advantage of it. 

Creative Quiz Ideas You Can Use

Depending on what your goals are, you can choose from a variety of quiz types. Some of the popular quiz types are:

Personality quiz

Trivia quiz

Yes or no quiz

Multiple choice quiz

True or false quiz

BuzzFeed style quiz

Let’s go over a few of them now:

Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes can be used to test users’ knowledge about a specific topic. This quiz type is popular because quiz takers try to get as many correct answers as possible and sometimes compete with each other in the comment section.


You can create a fun trivia quiz about a topic like Star Wars:


star wars trivia quiz example

Or, you can make it more educational. For example, if you’re running an online course, you can use quizzes to test your students about what they’ve learned. 


How to Create a Quiz in WordPress

The first step to creating a quiz is to use the right quiz builder tool.


Though there are many WordPress plugins that can help you create a quiz, we highly recommend Formidable Forms.


Formidable forms survey plugin for WordPress

Formidable Forms is an advanced WordPress form plugin that has a simple drag and drop functionality. This makes it easy to create all kinds of forms for your WordPress blog.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll then need to install the Quiz Maker addon. To install the addon, go to Formidable » Add-Ons and then click on Install under the Quiz Maker section.


install quiz maker addon

Give it a few seconds, and it will install the addon and activate it all by itself. Once it’s done, you can start creating your quiz.


2.Create a Quiz and Add Questions

To create your first quiz, go to Formidable » Forms and then click on Add New.


click the add new button

Once you click on Add New, you’ll see a popup with different options for creating forms. At the top, you can see options like Blank Form, Contact Us, User Registration, and more. Underneath, you can search the pre-built templates.


choose the blank form option

You’ll then be asked to enter the form name and description. Once you’re done, click Create.


name your quiz form and click on the create button

Now begins the fun part!


On the next screen, you’ll see the form fields on the left-hand column and the visual form builder on the right.


quiz builder drag and drop functionality

You can drag any of the form fields you want from the left and drop them to the right to create your quiz.


We’ll show you how to do that by creating a simple knowledge quiz for this tutorial.


To add a question that users have to type the answer to, drag the Text field from the left and drop it onto the right side.


add a text field for your first question

To edit the field, simply click on it and change the Field Label text to your question.


edit the text field 

Next, let’s add a multiple choice question. To do that, drag the Radio Buttons field to the right side.


add a multiple choice question using the radio buttons field

Again, you can edit the field by clicking on it. Change the Field Label to your question. Then, type the answer options underneath.



If you want to add more options, simply click the (+) Add Options button.


Under the Radio Buttons Options section, you can choose to use images for options. This is an easy way to create a BuzzFeed style quiz.


You can also add the Drop-down field as a multiple-response type question. Drag it from the left to the right to add it.


Add drop-down field question

Like the previous steps, click on the Drop-down field to edit the questions and answer options.


edit Drop-down options for your quiz

Repeat these steps to add more questions to your quiz. Just keep adding and editing the fields until your quiz is complete.


3.Add Quiz Scoring

Once you’re done creating your quiz, you should also add a Quiz Score field to it. 


Adding a quiz score field will evaluate your participant’s responses and give them a score for correct answers.


Simply drag the Quiz Score field and drop it in place.

add quiz score field 

Once you add the Quiz Score field, click on Add an Entry, and it will take you to a new tab. 


add an entry

On the Entries page, select the correct answers and then put a check in the box next to Set this entry as the quiz answer key.


set the answers for the quiz score

Also, in the Entry Key field, choose a descriptive name.


Once you’re done, click on the Submit button. You’ll be then taken back to the form builder page.


Before you publish the quiz, you should also configure the settings. To do that, click on the Settings tab. From here you can now decide what the users will see when they complete the quiz. You can either show them a message, redirect them to a URL, or show the page content. 


configure settings for your quiz

If you choose to show a message, you can customize what the message says at the bottom of the page. And if you want to display users’ scores as soon as they submit the quiz, you can add the short code in the success message.

Simply click on the 3 dots in the corner and choose the Quiz Score field ID, like in the example below:


display quiz score in success message

The shortcode will be automatically added to the message.


Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click on the Update button in the top right corner to save.


Congratulations, you’ve now created your first quiz!


Now, let’s add the quiz to your blog.


4.Add Your Quiz to Your Blog

To add a quiz to your blog, simply go to any blog post or page in WordPress and then click on the Plus icon. Then, search for Formidable Forms and select the quiz from the dropdown as seen in the animation below:

embed a quiz in wordpress

Once you’ve added the quiz, you can then publish the page. 


That’s it!


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