How to Deal With Difficult Employees?

No matter how good your team is, there are always people in it who want to break the office norms of behavior. Below are some tips. How to deal with employees who have a habit of annoying people and how to make your workday less stressful. 


A lover of interruptions.

You're ready to announce to your team that you have a new client, but at that moment the interrupting fan inserts his or her 3 cents and now all attention is scattered. When this happens, try to stay calm and continue your thought after the upstart.


Office Gossip Girl.

No matter how good your company's open policy is, if you run into a gossipy person in the hallway, you will naturally lose a lot of time listening to stories about everything and everyone. Let such a person know that you value your work time.


An employee who is panicked about tasks

For such an employee, every task is torture, from scheduling to making an appointment. You can't control his actions, but you can control your reaction. Find out if he needs help. If he is so worried that he cannot accept your help, try to explain to such a person that the situation is not as dire as he imagines it to be.


An employee who has one answer, "No!"

Forget about being able to speak your mind with such an employee. He won't want to and won't listen to it. And as for new strategies, they will be nipped in the bud. With such an employee, choose waiting tactics. Let him speak first, I you then ask questions that require clear direct answers.


An employee with no manners.

Do you hear his chuckling and obscene conversations that annoy you? Try talking to him. If the problem can't be resolved, seek help from his immediate supervisor.



Whether it is a business failure, loss of a client or another failure in the workplace, Mr. know-it-all always knows who to blame, most importantly, not himself. To work successfully with such people, before each new case, assign duties in writing, so you know who is responsible for what.


Have a good team and good luck in the workplace!


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