How to Detect Fake Data Entry Companies

Data entry, capcha entry and SMS sending jobs sound like the cheapest way to earn money. However, majority of the companies offering these 'too good to be true' jobs are scams and fraud. So these are the some points to remember if you want to save yourself from getting tricked by these companies. 

1. Is there any Investment? 

 If a Data Entry Company/Website asks you for money on the name of registration fee, is a big sign of a scam. And yes, don't even think that just because they tell you that the fee is refundable, they are actually going to return it to you. So never join a company asking for upfront payment.

2. How Old are the Websites?

Most of the Genuine Data Entry Jobs Provider websites are more than 5 Years old. So check out the Websites age before you sign up.

Websites Age tips:

  • One day to 1 Year: Don’t Join. 100% scam
  • 1- to 3 Year: Review it before Joining
  • 3-5 Years: You may take a chance.
  • 5-15 Years: Safe

3. Don’t confuse with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) Name and Logo:

Some of the scamsters are smart enough to trick you by showing a fake company name and putting a logo of MCA (ministry of corporate affairs). Once you visit the website of the company, you will be asked to check whether they are registered with MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) and also show you the age of registration of their company. (This is the trick guys, instead of showing their websites age, they will show you their company age)

So, to make clear!

Any company registered with MCA as a private limited does not mean they are genuine!
So don’t join any data entry jobs websites where MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) registration use as a trick. Check the age of the site first.

4. ISO Certification:

Did you know anyone can buy ISO certificate with just 3000 INR from Online? No audit and quality check required.
Don’t trust me? Have a Google search and you will get a hell lot of sites offering the certificate for a nominal amount without audit in the physical address and no quality check. 

You will get ISO Certificate less than of 3000 INR.

5. Time Submission fake data entry companys:

Some of the online data Entry jobs company trick you with time submission while you work. You have to login into there portal, and there will be a time limit of 3-5 minutes to type a 5-10 line paragraph. If you are an expert, you may able to complete the typing on time, but I am sure there will be no time to recheck the spelling mistake or grammatical error.

Its a trick, guys.

Your work will reject your work due to a spelling mistake or grammatical error without letting you check. 
So avoid this of time submission work.

5. High Target:

Most of the offline data entry jobs company gives you a target like this-

250 A4 Page typing at just 10 days

500 A4 Page typing at just 15 days

and Disaster, 1000 Page typing 25 days.

The target is so hard that you can’t complete it on time. If you work hard (Daily 10-12 hours of super hard work), you have no time to check spelling mistake or grammatical error.
Another trick, Your entire work will be rejected, and sometimes they threaten you to take legal action against you, where legal action should be taken from your end.

So don’t be afraid and if you ever received this type of threat you should not be scared, and filed a complaint about them on consumer forums.

7. Search before swipe:

Don’t make payment to any data entry company unless you search their reviews online.
Let’s say you want to check whether a data entry company fraud or not?

Company name:

Go to Google Search and type the following search. complaints, reviews or fake or real?

8. Don’t Trust payment Proof:

Using IO technology people make fake videos of celebrities. So is look a tedious task to create fake payment proofs using photoshop tools? Not at all. So never trust a website who try to convince you showing fake payment proof.


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