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Story: Jaison gets struck by lightning and is left unhurt. As he gradually discovers the powers he has newly acquired, someone else too is experiencing the same, unbeknownst to him.

Review: Molly wood gets its own superhero through Basil Joseph’s fantasy fiction drama Minnal Murali. Yet another friendly, neighborhood superhero is born in the ‘movie verse’ through the film, only a bit goofier and more genial.

Jaison (Tovino Thomas) is just another boy-next-door with big dreams. One night, during which lightning randomly strikes him, changes things for the youngster. He acquires a spectrum of powers, and explores them with the help of his nephew Josemon. How he tackles the opposing forces around, a nemesis as powerful as him and more, forms the crux of the fantasy drama.

Complete with the red spandex, the lightning bolt on the chest, a pure heart and more, Tovino bolsters his part well, with undeniable charm. Both as a playful, childlike adult and a newbie superhero, he brings out the naïve sense of wonder within us while reading or watching fantasy thrillers. Basil Joseph too deserves points for shaping the superhero thus. The scenes in which he discovers his powers with Josemon are fun to watch, especially his silly heroic stunts in the beginning. The character of the aberrant antagonist, played by Guru Somasundaram, is quite memorable that you can’t help feeling for the man who turns villain due to his experiences and circumstances. His transformation, how he handles the malign attention he receives and more are presented well by the actor. The film’s songs are also both groovy and melodious and placed well in the storyline.

The ‘super’ origin part of the film does take some time to get into the groove. Also, one can’t help noticing a handful of scenes that are on the verge of melodrama packed with some heavy dialogues. The template ingredients, like the absence of parents, underdog qualities, ‘the meant for greatness discovery’ and the like are lined up, but not too distastefully. The fight choreography isn’t arresting enough for a film of the genre, though the team has compensated the same through visual effects, emotional depth and character development.

The film is a modest, jocular entertainer with both a likeable superhero and villain.



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