How to Earn Money as a Web Designer: 8 Ways You Can Make an Extra $1,000 Per Month

If you love design and you’d like to make money as a designer, whether part-time or full-time, there are several options. This article will serve as a guide that covers many of the most popular options that you could choose to pursue. Read through the details of each and see what might be a good fit for you.

8 Ways You Can Make Extra Money as a Web Designer

1. Freelance Designers Freelance designers are always in high demand. If you’re interested in pursuing this as a career, here are some opportunities to explore. Jobs to Consider Freelance Designers: An $800 to $1,000 Per Hour Job Unusual/Creative Assignment Freelancing – $2,000 – $2,500 Per Project Freelance Web Designer (Large) – $1,400 – $2,600 Per Project Freelance Web Designer (Medium) – $1,200 – $2,000 Per Project Freelance Web Designer (Small) – $600 – $1,200 Per Project Freelance Web Designer (Small-Medium) – $500 – $1,000 Per Project If you’re not interested in taking on projects with this much competition, you can also consider becoming a freelancer with a job that’s less challenging and not so busy. Here are a few options that you can explore.


How to Get Clients

It’s very unlikely that you’re going to get a significant client base by doing a little website design for free. Most clients don’t have the budget to pay a full-time designer, and unless you’re particularly skilled at designing websites, you won’t be able to do that well. The best way to get clients is to take jobs from trusted clients. You might receive clients from the industry you already work in. Perhaps you work for a company that provides its customers with your service, or perhaps you’re in charge of creating a brand new product for them. You can work with trusted clients by offering to handle special projects at little or no cost. You will not make as much money this way, but the exposure will be great.


How to Charge Your Clients

There’s one other option to consider that you might not have considered yet: How to charge for your design services. This is something that should be addressed in the beginning. There are several ways to charge for your design services. You could simply charge per hour, charge by the project, charge per hour and per project, charge per-project, or do it all. When you’re just starting out, charging per hour is probably a good idea, as this will help you get to know your clients, which will allow you to plan appropriately. As you become more established, I’d personally recommend taking a look at how much you charge per project to figure out the range you can work in. Remember, to get the most from your design business, you want to offer your clients the best value.


Getting paid to do side gigs

Some web designers have made a career out of providing creative services that no one really needs. This is a good option, but it’s not easy. Not only do you need to get clients, but you also need to find a way to generate income while you’re trying to make the business a success. You might need to take on multiple side gigs while you’re waiting for the business to take off. Some opportunities require no set-up at all, and it’s simply a matter of starting up a store or going online to sell your work. Here are a few of the most popular options for web designers that will help you earn money as you go about your business. These days, Amazon is the place to be if you’re looking to make money online.


Pricing a Project

If you are an expert on a subject, such as audio design or a corporate website, you can charge a premium for your services. Your clients will be willing to pay more for a great website or an app that they can use every day. But don’t think that you have to charge more than the average designer because you are charging extra for the services you provide. Because of this, you are also free to charge less than most designers in order to make a little extra money. It’s also beneficial to note that there is a huge variation among what clients will pay for a website or a mobile app. A client might be willing to pay $10,000 for your services, but they may only be willing to pay $1,000 if you’re a newbie.


Marketing Yourself as a Designer

This is the option that has made many designers quite wealthy. A designer who specializes in a niche product that no one wants to buy might only have to market that product to a select group of people. Once they attract a certain number of these people to their website, they will sell that product. And in this situation, the person who profits is the designer. It’s important to make sure that you have the right niche market and the right product. You should be sure that you have no competition within your niche, and that you have a good chance of going after people who are looking for what you offer. These kinds of designers can be quite successful. You can find a list of designers that fit the same niche here: 50 Designers With Niche Marketing Ideas.


Where to Find Design Work

If you’re unemployed, this can be a scary step to take. However, many people end up working side jobs while they’re looking for work. That’s what you’ll need to do, so it’s not so bad. However, since you’re going to be looking for work anyway, let’s take a look at how to find some. LinkedIn is the most popular way to find web design work. Sites like oDesk and Elance are both very similar. They’re like your free job board for freelancers. You can use both. With either of them, you’ll need to create a profile. On Elance, the only profile you need is an open one, so you won’t need to do anything until you get more work. The two sites differ, though. Most people use Elance because it’s free to use. However, there are some drawbacks.



There are plenty of options out there for making money as a designer. However, if you’re a freelance web designer who isn’t getting a ton of offers, then don’t fret. Instead, approach each client you have and show them what your capabilities are. And don’t forget that we have a resource to help you get the job done: Do you think you can find clients online? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below. And let us know about any other ways you earn money as a web designer.


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