How to Earn Money by Listing Music: 100% True Sites that Pay

Did you know you can make money by listening to music and writing reviews about it? Among the many ways of earning money online, listening to music is one of them. Just by signing up for the websites mentioned in this guide, you can boost your pocket money by a good margin.

How to earn money by listing music

If you have a passion for music, you can easily make good money by submitting your reviews about different songs and artists. This way, you can earn a little extra income as you can make the most out of the site. In fact, many of the websites mentioned here offer you to listen to and write your reviews while you can earn even more money in different ways. Also Read: 12 Fun Ways to Earn Extra Money in Your Tired Day The way the job works You need to submit one review per day and according to the rules of the website, they can't accept more than 100 of them per week. For this, you will have to pay a small amount as registration fee. Most of the websites like Get Satisfaction and Music Jungle offer you to pay $0.10 per review which they claim is the average amount for all the reviews.


List of the best websites

These websites are among the most popular that allow you to earn money from music. Once you register and download the app, you will have to send your money in the designated section of the app. The money you receive will be released immediately and is credited to your PayPal account. In some of the music apps, you can also earn money by simply singing songs in the background and the app will charge you on the basis of number of recordings you send. 1. Rhapsody (FREE) There are two options to take advantage of on Rhapsody. Get the “Artist Pass” which lets you listen to any song on your phone without ever paying a dime. Also, if you create a profile on the platform, then you will be eligible to earn a daily reward if your listening sessions is over 250 minutes per month.


The steps to sign up on the websites

First things first. Where do you download music from? This is where you need to get into the know of a couple of things. You can’t just sign up on any old site and expect to have fun. Your strategy needs to be very well prepared before you start playing. The aim of this article is not to promote any one website, but to give you a general idea of the websites and what you can do to earn a good amount. First of all, before you start earning by listening to music, you need to create a dedicated playlist of songs that you can listen to during the entire working day. Don’t listen to music from every website all the time. Most of the sites you want to get into require you to share your playlist with them before you start selling. List your music.



Listing music online is both a lucrative and fun job. There are plenty of sites that offer great opportunities for people who are into listing music online. For instance, Music Download Me allows users to listen to music for free and also have access to online software to download music instantly. With only a few bucks in their bank account, users can listen to music and create their own CD mixes to earn money. Another example of this is, Music Fans. With some websites like this, users can play music, download songs and download tracks from other users. With the money earned by users, they can purchase digital media and make profit. It’s not only downloading songs, but you can also earn a little by selling digital media on digital music selling sites.


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