How To Earn Money From A Site

Many people visit the site for various purposes. Entrepreneurs, students, art lovers, gamers. Sites have brought the world so close. With the presence of the site people will easily find what they are looking for. We can see various things through the site. There are more than 100 million domains stored on the internet. Domain itself is the name that will appear when we type in google. It can also be called a set of names that characterize a person's site. Usually the site is made via HTML. Or more clearly hypertext markup language. And site can be opened in any browser. The site does not only contain information in the form of writing. But also online games, recorded videos, and pictures. Many people do not know that the site can provide us with income. Then how to earn from the site :

1. Create Manual Ads

If you are good at making ads. You can put it on your site and you will earn from it. Every time people click on the web page that you create. You will earn money gradually. Although to get here is not easy.

 2. Placing A Link In The Ad Provider

Almost the same as before. You can put a site link on the ad provider application. Like AdFly for example. If your site goes to the top search engines. You can earn from AdFly after a few months by making a withdrawal.

3. Create an E-Learning Site

E Learning is opened for the learning of many people. Like for example LinkedIn Learning. If you can make it. You can make your site visited by many people. But they have to pay first before participating. So you can earn from every follower of E Learning.

4. Installing Digital Creation

Creation such as ebooks, magazines, games, videos. You can try selling through the site. Anything that has to do with the digital world. You can set the price there as you wish.

Although the site is inseparable from crime in cyberspace. The site can be a mainstay for you to add money. You can try installing a stronger security network so that your site can't be hacked easily.


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