how to earn money from google sitting at home

How to earn money from google sitting at home

In today's date Google is the easiest and best way to earn money online. 

The most effective reason for this is that Google has provided so many free platforms that any person can join and easily earn money online without any investment sitting at home


If you also want to earn money online from Google and want to know the best ways to earn money online, then read this article completely and I assure you that you can earn lakhs of rupees by following it.


3 Best Way To Earn Online Money From Google (Hindi)


In this article, I am going to tell you the best 3 Home Online Jobs of Google, with the help of which you can earn money on Regular Basis. 

There is no limit of earning in this, you just have to complete the work set according to your goal and you will achieve it.


Google Adsense –


Google Adsense is the Most Easy Earning Source of the Internet today, to which Millions of Adsense Publishers are connected and earning money. 

If you go with the right knowledge and method then you can easily earn $150 – $18000 Monthly from Adsense. 

There are mainly 2 sources in Adsense from which you can earn money –

1. Create a Blog or Website –


For how to earn money by creating a blog or website, follow the steps given below –


Create your website – You can easily create and setup your website or blog within 30 minutes.


Publish your content – ​​After which you will have to publish your content on Regular Basis, which can contain many things like – (Entertainment, Motivation Books & Quotes, Hobbies, Your Experiences, Politics and Technical etc.).


Increase the number of users – Then gradually you will have to increase the number of users on your website, for this you can use – Basic SEO Guide, SEO Tips, Back links etc.


Apply for Adsense – When you have a good number of User then you can apply for Adsense.

Get Approval and Earn Money from Ads – Once you get Approval by Google, then you can place Ads. 

After which you will continue to earn from every click on Ad

2. Create Your Apps –


Now let's talk about how you can earn money from Adsense by making apps

For this, understand the points given below 


Make your App – First of all you have to teach how to make an Ap

For which you will find many tools on the Internet, with the help of which you can create an app within 15 minutes without coding


What kind of app will be - You can make any kind of app, but my advice would be that you make a useful app that really works for the peopl


Put the App in Play Store – When your App is created, you can put it in Play Store or Apple Store, for which you have to pay One Time Fee


Setup Adsense Account – And when you have a good number of users, you can activate your Adsense Account and earn money by placing ads on the App


..YouTube –


YouTube is a platform where online money can be earned very easily. 

Along with this, it not only gives you money but it also makes you famous. 

In today's date, more than 130 crore people are using YouTube, every day thousands of YouTube channels are being created and millions of videos are uploaded. 

So you too can start your YouTube channel with just one Gmail Id, that too absolutely free.

The biggest thing in this is that you do not need to bring users here, just you have to upload good content and if your content is really good then your Views will also increase and Subscribers will also increase. 

So follow the steps given below to earn money from YouTube.

Google Opinion Rewards –


Google Opinion Rewards This Part Time is the best way to earn money. 

If you have some free time left then you can earn a lot of money by participating in this contest. 

You can download this app from here – Android Play Store or iOS App Store.


Basically it is  (Survey) Survey Opinion, in which you have to answer the questions asked honestly. 

As soon as there is a survey in this, you get the notification, all you have to do is to answer those questions according to the knowledge you have and if everything is correct then you will get the rewards. 

After which you can use those rewards to buy any type of Paid App.


These are the 3 best sources to earn money from Google. 

If you really want to earn money online then you can use these 3 methods. 


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