How to earn money Just by answering questions

Earn with just .

JustAnswer is a 24/7 platform for on-demand services from doctors, lawyers, mechanics, vets, computer experts, plumbers, engineers, teachers, and others. People can ask and get answers directly from the experts themselves. The consultations are cheaper approximately $5 per question. You get answers quickly within 30 minutes. You can ask almost anything from cars, computers, health, family law, criminal law, pets and animals, finance, parenting, and others. This is like an upgraded YahooAnswers with real professionals answering you.

To qualify as an "expert" in JustAnswer, you need to pass the 8-step screening process which starts with the submission of your credentials and certifications. You need to pass a test about your expertise to get verified. As an "expert", you will be monitored based on the feedback of users and review from other experts. This assessment will dictate if you will stay with JustAnswer or not.

As an "expert", you get work whenever and wherever you are. You can earn from the things you already know.


USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan

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