How to Earn Money While Sleeping

How to earn money while sleeping. This is a big question that how to earn money without doing nothing.

I am showing you some ways. Doing hardwork in starting but at sometime you don't need to do more work. So let's start.


YouTube Is A platform in which you can earn money by Uploading videos on YouTube. High-level Youtubers can earn upto 1crore per month. And medium level youtubers also earn upto ₹  50,000 to ₹  1,00,000 per month.

In next article I describe how to earn on YouTube. So wait for next article


Blogging is a amazing earning way in which you can earn upto lakh rupees per month.

I tell exactly what is the meaning of blogging. Blogging means write about something I your blog/website

Afflitive Marketing

Afflitive Marketing is selling a product from a shopping platform to other platform and you can make some commission of that product.


You can earn by machines 

Didn't Understand. I tell you by an example.

One time "Warren Buffett" At the age of 15 go to a barber shop they waiting for their number. And they are bored. And a idea came to their mind. They purchase a 25$ pin pong ball game and setup at barber shop and barber was popular in area and Warren Buffett take commission of it.

Another Example Is 

Weighing Machine, Printer, Internet Tower etc.

You can also earn by a car 

If you use a car. So you can use your car once a week. And rest of the day you park the car at you parking and if you don't have parking so you park the car by paying rent.

But rest of 6 day you can give your car as taxi to your friend or someone who need it. And you can earn by nothing.

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