How To Easily Earn $100 Per Month With Blogging

Every blogger’s dream is to start earning money with their blog as soon as possible. Though money may not be the sole reason or the priority for setting up a blog or website, it is one of the reasons for the several blogs in the blogosphere.

How to start earning money with your blog

Simple tips Before we show you how to make $100 per month in blogging, we should start with some basic tips on how to make money with your blog: Start blogging as soon as possible – Wait until you are sure that you are ready to start generating income out of your blog. You need to have a clear idea of what your blog is all about and what your target audience is all about. Before you can start blogging, you must know your audience and the kind of traffic you are going to attract. Once you know your audience and target audience, you can create an audience study, which would help you understand the type of people you are going to be interacting with as you continue building your blog and attracting more people.


Method 1Sell your own products

Your blog or website can become your primary source of income if you are successful in selling your own products. One can make anywhere from $30 to $100 per day with a product sale on his or her blog. How to start? Be inspired by successful bloggers who are making huge money with their blogs. Research about the products you plan to sell and find out who is selling it on other websites. There are quite a lot of websites where one can sell his products. For instance, you can sell products through Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many other websites where consumers buy things. To make this work, you need to create a strong list of products. As a first step, see if your friends or family are interested in buying products you sell.


Method 2Sell someone else’s products

It is also one of the most common ways to get paid from your blog. Depending on the niche of your blog and the products you offer, you can turn a blogger that visited your blog to purchase one of your products into your best source of income. This is not a secret. But how does this approach work? You write a blog post, provide a relevant link, and people who’re interested to that product will visit your site. From there, they will browse through your content and find that blog post and buy the product. Though I’ve seen this approach do wonders for some bloggers, it does not work that well for others. It’s a tough combination to do this well.


Method 3Sell your own information

Information is an extremely sought-after commodity, be it a news article, book review, report, or a blog post. Bloggers with relevant and interesting blogs often cash in on this information and sell them on paid writing services and website marketing. Here are a few ways how to sell information on your blog: Write guest posts for other blogs and in this way you make money. The more reputable the blog is the more visitors you will get and the more people you will attract. If your blog is not part of a website you can still sell your information. Bloggers post article on their blog to gain publicity for their site and eventually make money. They will in turn charge you for the article and again you get to earn some money. Sell statistics and data that relates to your niche industry.


Method 4Sell someone else’s information

Once you build a reputation with your blog, the probability of you doing an excellent job as a blogger increases. After all, you have invested time and energy on your blog and still people find it of good quality. Thus, the next logical step would be to gain a reputation for the website by selling their information to the clients. Free websites with no tracking capabilities Since a large number of website users browse from a mobile phone, a lot of people have their smartphones or tablets. However, the chances are that they have no idea how to check whether their personal information is being accessed. This is where the big companies come to save. They employ affiliate marketing agencies who help visitors to their websites to increase their pageviews and site clicks through referrals.


Method 5Sell through affiliate marketing

Selling products or services through affiliate marketing may be a tedious process but the rewards can be numerous. You can run a blog and put yourself as a “sales channel” to promote the products you are selling. Your book sales, product sales, and affiliate marketing will serve as direct traffic to your blog. This makes it easier for your readers to go through your blog post and convert into sale. Easiest way to start an affiliate marketing business For the purpose of getting started as an affiliate marketing channel, you have to take help of your own resources.



There are many other ways to make money from a blog but for now, you can learn how to make money with blogging. In this article, we have discussed different blogging opportunities that you can get and earn a decent monthly income.


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