How to effectively lower blood sugar without medication

After each meal, the body's glucose level rises, which it gets from sugar and carbohydrates. When glucose enters the bloodstream, the pancreas begins to produce insulin, which works as fuel for the cells. If the cells get the right amount of energy and the person continues to eat, the excess glucose turns into fat. We found out how to lower blood sugar levels without medication.


If glucose levels are elevated, the pancreas is forced to work constantly. At some point, the system is disrupted, the body can't take the strain and obesity or diabetes occurs. But how to prevent its development?


Don't change your diet so quickly.

Changing your diet quickly can be a shock to your body. Giving up sugar can turn into headaches and mood swings. So start gradually reducing sugar doses.


Give up rolls

Sweet baked goods and pastries contain the most sugar. In general, it is better to replace bread with whole grain bread. Whole grain bread has a low glycemic index and contains fewer carbohydrates than classic white bread. It contains essential proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals and vitamins. Also, reduce the amount of pasta you eat.


Substitute sugar

Replace sugar with flavorings and spices. Try adding ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg to your food. Do not abuse dried fruits, bananas, apricots, grapes, and eat them not on an empty stomach, but after the main meal.


Some foods can lower blood sugar levels. Include in your diet oysters or shrimp, which are rich in zinc, which is necessary for insulin production. Eat fresh cucumbers more often, they are high in insulin-like substances. Get enough sleep and try to avoid stress. 


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