How to fight with corona virus 100% genuine work

→How to boost your immune system. 

⇒There are some secret ingredients that can boost your immune system 

This is not a treatment but you can follow this in your day to day life


 1.  General Measure

This is measured is recommend 100%genuine is to drink enough warm water in a day or you can drink with lemon and sugar if you don't like warm water but if you have diabetes than I don't recommend to drink water with sugar or less sugar.

2. Practice yoga and meditation 

Yoga is very good for looking slim but it is very very good for internal body part like lung,stomach there are many asan which is very good for lung like kapalbhati and many more and meditation is very good for meditation. The people who has corona virus or have mlid infection that person have to do yoga it can make your lung strong and can fight with corona virus. 

3. When you cook you have included some ingredients to boost your immune system 

*use spices like                       1.  Turmeric:you can drink it with warm water or with milk or you can add this is in your food.                            2.   Cumin:This ingredients we use in vegetable but you can eat this with turmeric milk.                                          3. Coriander: we have to eat green vegetable it is very good for heathly life and it is also boost your energy and immune system.             4. Garlic: you can eat this in your food .

* If you have covid 19 than you can smell kapoor and cumin putting in handkerchief daily you have to change that handkerchief daily.

*Eat critics food like lemon,orangedaily make you make sure you can eat fruit daily.

* If you have mild infection you have to do yoga daily.

1. How to protect with covid 19 

* you have to sanitize your hand repeatly.                          *Go outside when it is necessary.                                 * Coming from outside you have to change your cloths and bath and clean thing which you have buy.               *Drink warm water daily       *Do not drink cold water or any thing is cold especially who has asthma.                    * Make sure your children or any child in your house don't go outside for playing because outside there is many jerms that effect the child and child can't tolerate covid 19.                                   * The 3 and 4 layer is very harmful for child so make sure your child don't go outside anytime. Government decide to provide a vaccine to child.

What happen if you have covid 19.

* do not overthink about covid 19 like "I have covid 19 "etc . Just do yoga and meditation to relax your mind                                          * Go and admits in hospital or take the medicine from the hospital.                             *Do not think I can fight with corona virus alone because medicine is most power weapon to fight with covid 19.                                   *Yes,you can fight with corona virus but with both weapon aryuveda and scientifical .                             *you can drink kala every daily if you can tolera5that harness of drink.                    *Medicine of covid 19 is harm so make sure you can eat food and juices 



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