How to find out someone else's IP address in a couple of clicks

For young hackers: If you want your acquaintances to start worrying that you know too much about them, use the "IP Logger" service. With it, you'll create a link that, when clicked, will give you the IP address, browser name, OS, and location of the person.  


How to do it:


1. Go to this site -

2. Choose a file to send, copy the link and paste it into a line on the site.

3. Click "Get logger code" and scroll to "Choose a site to which the logger will link. 

4. Choose the domain and the desired extension of the picture. Now copy the resulting link under the phrase "Your link to collect IP addresses" and send it to the desired person.


As soon as the person clicks on the link - open the blue eye tab and the result will appear on the screen.


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