How to find Your Purpose in Life


So, this article is all about life's purpose. We get the help of a book to learn how to find your purpose in life.

Basically, this book taught about how one can find their purpose in life.

There is an island known as Okinawa, which is in Japana, where people are over the age of 100. So, here the question is, is ikigai the reason for their long and healthy life?

They have a special diet, having some ancient lifestyle and the most loving thing which I personally like the most is they help others I mean they always said one thing that is "treat everyone like a brother even if you have never met them before".

They talk about the importance of exercise  not only physical, but the mental exercise also and we should play something like sudoku, rubics cube on the daily basis.

They talk about mindfulness. 

A study showed that people who live longer, have a positive attitude and a high degree of emotional awareness.

There is an experiment in which Frankl asked a question to his patient. So that he can find his purpose in life. And I am sure that you will also get your answer the question was Why you do not commit suicide? The means for which reason that person is living what he love and what he want to do in his life. And this way he finds his purpose in life.

Frankl has described some case studies. 

Then they told about how Steve Jobs. Yes the co-founder of Apple is a big fan of Japan. Whether it is philosophy,  engineering, artisan and cuisine of Japan.

One thing which I like about Japan is that they have a unique quality that they create new technologies, but at the same time they preserving artisanal traditions and techniques. 

While I was reading this book, I realize that Indian rituals are also like Japan, means there is a similarity between the rituals of India, Japan and China.

Also it is mentioned in his book the daily exercise  and to move in a natural and healthy way is very important  for our body and longer life. And I'm glad they told about yoga originated from India, which is very popular in Japan and Nowadays  yoga is very popular across the world.

They also described "Radio Taiso". Basically, these are the simple exercise by using hands up and down in circular motion and so on. This is what Japanese people do everyday.

They beautifully describe Yoga.

Theyt about "Tai chi" that is Chinese Martial Arts.

Hope you get something with this article. If you want to know more then you should read this book called Ikigai. I am sure you will make some good changes in your life too.

Actually sometimes we are just thinking about the problems but at that time we have to focus on solution. And did you know where is the solutions are? The solution in around you yes, you will find the solution for anything from books, people, nature. These things will direct you to develop in your life. No one will develop with negativety.


Thank you!

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