How to focus on study

These tip is very necessary who is student                              

Make a timetable 

If don't make a timetable you will not relax what is incomplete and you will think there is some homework/work is pending but I tell you if you will make timetable your work will also get complete and you can save your time also.

How to make a timetable 

Maximum not but maximum people don't know how to make a timetable due to progress in technology now you can make timetable in your mobile phone by installing some app but if you will installed the app and make timetable in your mobile phone. You will not focus on study because if you will make timetable in your than obviously you will get notifications/message/your friend call and many more and that will disturb you and you will be very curious about your messages. What is the message or it is very necessary and that will disturb definitely                                                                     so make your timetable in a simple paper,write down their on which day do you want to complete,what you have to complete and stick this on your wall but stick that paper when you can see this your timetable when you get wake up from morning but after the sticking the paper you don't have to forget that you have stick the timetable and you have to complete your work in time than and only you can complete so don't became lazy. You can also watch motivation video on online using mobile phone is not a bad thing but using full day and forgetting all the important work than it is bad things mobile is for timepass. Don't forget otherwise mobile will make you timepass                                                                     You can also set the alarm so can complete your work on time and you will not forget what is time is going one you can also target the time like during like 1:30 To 2:00 I will complete the Q/A so you can make that.

How to distract from the phone

So many student want to distract from the phone but they can't because this phone became their habitats.  And it is really very hard to distract from the phone . When the mobile phone became your habitats you will forget everything means everything  you don't even know what is going on outside and you became lazy and your mind will also get damaged like if anybody gave you extra work to do than you will get angry         

Play game outside 

Playing game is very sinful time . Playing outside game with friends will will get strong bond with your  friendship play game online compare to playing outside is very joyful but due to covid 19 it is very harmful to play outside especially for children. So there is no another opposite for children to timepass so they play on mobile phone,playing on phone is not harmful but you can see on social media or in your area some children just watch mobile phone full day that is wrong you can also play game with cousins or parent

If you can than make timetable that you will your mobile phone for few hours only and than you can watch T.V . If you than you can connect to your T.V because the mobile phone radition is harmful than the T.V so if you can than make sure you will watch T.V                                                       


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