How to forget ex?

There are some reason you are not able to forget you trying to forget, but suddenly her face come before you again and over. I would like to suggest you some tips which help you to be away from that stuff.


1. Do meditation at morning 


When you start doing mediation you have to relax your body and start thinking about your today's plan which you like to do in the upcoming hours.


2. Take health diet 

Most of the broken heart people don't eat well or they are just consuming excessive amount of food. They should be conscious about it.


3. Keep giving priority to your work

When you miss someone or you are trying to forget someone the best way to keep yourself into the work when you get busy with work you will not remember to them in your life.


4. Love yourself

Keep loving yourself and the last you came alone and you will go alone, so struggling own unless you don't get success is better than to have a companion and long problems in your life.


5. Killing yourself

Most of the people thought if I don't get her I will die and few idiots trying to suicide. Don't do these creepy things. You will get a chance to have another person in your life. So keep hoping and be happy for everything.



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