How to fry the most delicious meat, so that it turns out soft and juicy

Even among the many gourmet dishes, succulent meat in a pan is for many the perfect lunch or dinner option. Properly cooked, it literally melts in your mouth. The meat can be served with a wide variety of side dishes, from cereals to favorite vegetable salads, or simply supplemented with sauce.


Roast meat: what to consider


To begin with, let's focus on how to choose the right meat for roasting. Let's omit the nuances about freshness, this is not even a discussion - the meat should be natural in color (pinkish if it is pork, and more crimson if it is beef), without extraneous odors and with a dense texture. It is important to choose the right part of the carcass for frying. Speaking of beef steak - it is desirable to find a cut from the middle of the back with thin layers of fat.  But to determine whether a piece of pork is suitable for frying is even easier - just pierce the meat carefully with a knife or fork. If the flesh can be pierced easily, then fried meat will be perfect (denser and tougher meat is better to stew or bake, for example).




The choice of utensils is also pretty simple - give preference to a grill pan for steak and a thick-bottomed pan for grilling pork or beef slices. A thick bottom will keep the heat on longer and the meat cooks faster. A thin base, on the other hand, is likely to make the meat too dry, with a crispy crust and a soggy inside.


No matter what you took as a basis, beef, pork or even poultry, follow simple general principles of cooking:


marinate the meat without salt; salt is better at the very end;

do not use too much oil;

place meat on a well heated pan with a thick bottom;

try not to turn frequently (a steak should be turned only 1 time);

Do not overheat.

Cooking the pork


Pan-fried pork - delicious, beautiful and fast. To saturate the dish with flavor and aroma, you can use a variety of marinades and your favorite spices. The minimum time for marinating is about 30 minutes.


If we fry fresh meat, it should be properly washed, thoroughly dried with a paper towel, and then cut into portions. If we fry frozen meat, you have to be patient and let the meat thaw slowly in the fridge (not on the table!). Only a gradual defrosting process will preserve maximum flavor. Also do not fry frozen meat, the top will burn, and the center will remain raw and such a dish is unlikely to be suitable for consumption.


How to grill pork slices so that the meat is soft and juicy


There are no special secrets here, it is enough to follow a number of simple rules:


Choose the right meat (not tough, without veins). If necessary, remove excess fat or coarse films.

Use a suitable pan - a pan with a thick bottom or grill.

Cut the meat into pieces of about equal size to ensure even cooking.

Calculate the right amount of meat so that the pan is not overcrowded (for larger amounts, it is better to cook in several stages).

If the meat is stiff, you can add a little water during roasting and simmer it under a lid. When the pork is soft, remove the lid and bring the meat to a delicious crust. Juicy pan-fried pork tastes better than shish kebab!

Add salt at the very end, 3-5 minutes before the end of the process.

Since it's faster to roast in slices, it's important not to overdry the meat.

How to brown meat properly


For the meat to be juicy inside, it's important to seal all its juices right away. To do this, place the pork on a hot frying pan and on a fire just above medium heat, bring it to a crispy crust on one side. Do not flip until the meat is browned. Then turn it over gently and repeat the process. After that, you can turn down the heat and broil until done.


How long to broil


On average, the time to roast pork ranges from 20 to 50 minutes. Small pieces of meat, as well as pre-chopped will cook faster. Larger pieces, especially those that are tougher, will take a little longer.


The five most commonly used ingredients in pan-seared meat recipes are


If you exclude the base, pork, the most commonly used ingredients in recipes are:



Ground black pepper

Vegetable oil (both for frying and as a marinade ingredient)



If you were just looking for roast meat recipes, then check out these options.


Roasting pork in soy sauce


Pork in soy sauce.




Pork - 300 grams;

Onion - 1-2 pcs;

Soy sauce - 3-4 tbsp;

Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp;

Sesame - 3 tbsp;

Salt, pepper and spices - to taste.

Heat a frying pan, add vegetable oil. Wash and dry meat, cut into small pieces. Peel and slice the onion into half rings. In a hot pan, place meat and onion and fry one side until crispy, then turn over and brown the other side. Pour the soya sauce, add the sesame seeds and fry on medium heat for about 15 minutes, then add the spices and salt and bring to the point when fully cooked.


Pork Chops




Pork steaks - 3.


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