How to gain weight and muscle

As we see that nowadays every person wants a good personality. They want to look different from others. But the person who is very thin, they also want a wonderful personality and muscles. But problem is that before making the muscles you must have some fat by which you can gain good muscles. But apart from this some people eats too much but still they are not able to gain weight. So let's see, how we can overcome from this. 

Reasons why you are not able to gain weight 

  • Dificiency of iron :-  It means when our body dificient in iron, we stop feeling hungry.
  • Dificiency of Vitamin B-12:-  It means when the amount of Vitamin B-12 decreases, then we start losing weight.
  • Dipression and stress :- many times it happens that when we are in trouble then we feel stress and we don't feel like eating.
  • Lifestyle :- it also effects our health. It means if we don't take meal on time or do more hard work but take less nutrition so it effects us.
  • Diabetes :- In this desease, if a person's insulin production decreases then the food that is eaten does not give energy rather dissolves like sugar in the blood.
  • Hyper thyroxine :- There is a gland in our body called thyroid, from which thyroxine hormone is secreted. As it's quantity increases then appetite increases but still our weight reduces.

Things that help in weight gain

  • Have a banana and one glass milk in the morning.
  • We should eat atleast one egg with our breakfast.
  • Add fish or meat to your lunch 
  • In the evening, you must eat something like corn, cashew nuts, almonds etc.
  • Take less dinner which will help you in digestion.
  • Most important things, you must do the strengthing exercise daily which will help you to gain muscles.

Things that you should not eat 

  • Avoid junk food like pizza, Berger etc. Because it contains sugar, salt and refined grains which increases many deseases like diabetes, cancer, blood pressure etc.
  • Do not eat bread, chips , biscuits etc.
  • Don't take stress otherwise it will affect your health.


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