How To Get a Blue Tick on Instagram: A Guide to Making Your Account Famous

Recently there has been an uprising of fake Instagram profiles, with the option of buying followers which makes it easy to mimic the page of a celebrity or a well known public personality. This helps people masquerade as a ‘social media influencer’ or a brand page. Having a high number of followers does give one the impression of genuineness.

How do I get blue ticks on Instagram?

Instagram has gone a step further in providing features for business page managers. Now business pages can make their pages blue tick followers and are enabled to add functionality such as social media share buttons, providing further validation that the Instagram business is genuine and more importantly legitimate. Why Is Blue Ticking Important for Business Page Management? A blue tick is an indication that the account is genuine and the owner has the correct credentials to be involved in social media. It is an essential tool that business pages use to separate the fake followers from the genuine and enable them to trust the brand. Customers who receive a blue tick on a profile can more readily relate to a social media account which is verified and reflects a genuine business brand.


Why does it matter that I have blue ticks?

The blue tick comes from the blue tick company, Verisign. Blue ticks are the only ones verified on the platform and are given by companies for their business profiles. A verified badge means that you are a genuine company which has an active profile on Instagram. They validate that the business or the person you are advertising as is worth the advertisement. How to get a blue tick on Instagram First of all you have to make sure you have a verified business profile on Instagram. It is simple to do, you just need to be sure that your business profile is active and has an active page. Once you have verified the account it means that the blue tick of Instagram will be added onto your profile. You will need to pay a monthly fee for this to happen, which goes for roughly $0.10 a month.


What are some tips to get blue ticks?

1. Having a professional looking profile is a must. Have a headshot and a professional profile picture. Having a profile picture taken in the proper format can help you achieve a blue tick on Instagram. 2. Write good quality and engaging captions. Use the bio section to highlight what you do. This can help you to sell yourself on Instagram. The word "sponsored" can be in the bio section along with the link to your website, and that will help you to achieve a blue tick on Instagram. 3. Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand. 4. Do not share images that are in poor quality. Remember the circle of social influence. 5. Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand. 6. Be active on the platform. Post regularly. Make sure that you add interesting and engaging content regularly.



However, followers are a very small part of what makes an Instagram profile. The most important factor is how your page is set up and created, and the captions and pictures you choose to share. If you have a page that doesn’t follow these guidelines, Instagram could potentially shut it down. You will also lose valuable traffic to your page. These tips should help you create a well-organised and content-focused Instagram profile.


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