How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire in 2021

Tips to get free Diamonds in Free Fire:


1) Giveaways on Youtube and Instagram

Image via Gyan Gaming YT Image via Gyan Gaming YT

The first tip to get free diamonds in Free Fire is to participate in giveaways. There are lots of Youtube channels and Social media pages that host daily giveaways. The main purpose of these giveaways is to attract a gaming audience towards their channels, and they reward them with diamonds.

Players can follow these channels and pages to stay updated on any giveaway announcements. After that, they can participate in these campaigns and win free rewards like diamonds and more.



The second method to get free diamonds in Free fire is to play in custom rooms or tournaments. Many YouTubers and organizations hold daily custom rooms and tournaments at different intervals, rewarding the winner with a cash prize or in-game freebies like Diamonds.

It is also a good way to improve your skills, as in custom rooms all 50 players are real and the competition for winning is very tough. Players with a good skillset can participate in these rooms or tournaments and win diamonds to unlock their favorite characters or elite passes.



3) Google Opinion Rewards appImage via MobileSyrup

Image via MobileSyrup

The last option on the list is by downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app. The application is one of the easiest ways to get some real money. The Google Opinion Rewards app offers its users real money on the completion of given surveys. The app has a very easy-to-use interface, and users can learn it quickly.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from here.


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