How to get free fire Poker MP40 to redeem codes in free 2021

How to get free fire Poker MP40 to redeem codes in free 2021


Free Fire Today Redeem Code | Poker mp40 Redeem Code | Free Fire Redeem Code Today

Hello guys, welcome back with a new article. Today I will give poker mp 40 redeem code for Garena free fire.

This redeem code you will redeem, and you will get your poker mp40 in the mailbox in just 24 hours.

I will give 10 redeem codes of poker mp40 then u can redeem My all redeem codes are working perfectly. You will not show any errors regarding my redeem codes.

You can redeem my poker mp40 redeem codes on the garner official redemption website.

If you do not know how you can redeem this poker mp 40 redeem code, follow my steps.


1.Go on

2.Search free fire redeem on

3.After the search, you will see so many websites

4.Click on the first site

5.After clicking on-site, you will see the login page

6. login with your free fire account

like if you login in-game with Facebook, then login with Facebook on this site

7.After your login is complete then you will see 3 empty boxes.

8.In these boxes, you can type poker mp 40 redeem code

9.After you will type redeem code, you will see confirm button

10.Press confirm button 

11. then your redeem code will be redeemed 

 After redeem code is redeemed, you will get poker mp40 in the mailbox of the game in just 24 hours.

Redeem code errors: -

Many time redeem code does not work and show errors like

Redeem code is invalid or already redeemed.

If u can see this problem on redeeming codes, then u can try the other 9 redeem codes. 

Because one person can redeem only one redeem code, and one redeem code will work for only one person, not for all soo you can try other redeem codes.

Garneau is giving me redeem codes daily.

I have redeemed codes like all gun skins redeem codes; all bundles redeem codes, season first and season 2nd elite pass bundles redeem codes.

I have a hip-hop bundle redeem code, and a sakura bundle redeems code.

I have most rare gun skins redeem codes like cobra mp40, shotgun, aim, tasks,gloo walls, and other gun skins.

Today I will give you a poker mp40 redeem code. this poker mp40 is top of the incubator


poker mp40 gun abilities are :

double damage and a single rate of fire

color yellow

All Redeem Codes Are Bellow:-












if you show any error to redeeming redeem codes, then try all redeem codes.

I will give you all redeem codes of Garena free fire

Thanks for visiting my article. I hope all of you great

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You can subscribe to my channel if you are interested in free fire conten.


Now I am going. I will meet you tomorrow with a new article.

I hope your redeem code was redeemed, and you got poker mp 40 in your mailbox now you can use mp40 in the rank game and push your rank with new mp40 skins

Redeem code redeemed:-

1.Redeem code only valid for 24 hours.

2.Only login with Facebook, Vk, and google accounts

3.Only 12 characters redeem code valid

4.If your redeem code is invalid or already redeemed, then check you're redeem code again.




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