How to get free rewards in Garena Free Fire easily

Amongst the many different items offered by Free Fire are costumes, bundles, skins, characters, and pets. The list is continuously being expanded by the developers quite often, and, most of the time, players can acquire exclusive content by using diamonds.

However, spending money on diamonds doesn't always appear as a possible option for most of the community. As a result, they are always searching for ways in which they can obtain free rewards.

Note: This is a generic guide, and there are several other methods that the players can use to get free rewards in Free Fire

Obtaining free rewards in Free Fire

1) Redeem codes

Redeem codes can be considered the best method for obtaining various free items, including costumes, weapon skins, and more. The developers often release them via the game’s social media handles or live streams.

All valid codes can be utilized on the Rewards Redemption Site by the player to claim the rewards.

2) Events

Loads of events are periodically added to Garena Free Fire. For instance, the recent Rampage 3.0 event offered numerous themed items. Players are typically required to complete specific missions to obtain these rewards.

Apart from that, there are top-up events where users have to purchase a specific number of diamonds to get the free items.

3) Watch-to-win on Booyah

Booyah, a dedicated application of Garena for gaming content, regularly hosts various events, including watch-to-win. In them, players have to watch the live streams of any creator for a specific duration of time to have a chance at earning a random reward from the pool.

Note: They must bind their Free Fire IDs to that of Booyah.

4) Elite Pass

The Elite Pass in Free Fire

There’s a free version of the pass available in which numerous rewards are available. To procure them, gamers must collect a given number of badges.

They can do so by completing daily and weekly missions as shown in the given picture:

5) Rank rewards

There are several items that can be obtained for reaching higher ranks in Free Fire

Apart from these, there are several rank-up rewards that the users can obtain for climbing the tiers in the ranked mode. Also, there are season rewards that they receive upon the conclusion of the season based on their performances.



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