How to get more traffic on your website

Are you worried about your website traffic? 

Even you have used almost all the methods but to no avail.


Don't worry… here I will tell you how to increase website traffic.   

Creating a blog is very easy but bringing traffic to it is a very difficult task. 

But this task is not that difficult. 

You can easily increase your blog and website traffic through quality content, right SEO, content marketing, backlinks, promotion etc.


In this article, I will tell you all the tricks that I use to increase my blog traffic.

Why Website Traffic is Important


Are all website traffic the same


Website Ki Traffic Kaise Badhaye (51 Ways)


1. Publish Quality Content


2. Length of your content


3. Keyword Research


4. Use Long Tail Keywords


5. Fix Your Site's Loading Speed


6. Use SEO Friendly URLs


7. Link Old Article With New Article


8. Create High-Quality Backlinks


9. Move the site from HTTP to HTTPS


10. Optimize Title and Meta Descriptions


11. Do Not Do Keyword Stuffing


12. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly


13. Optimize Your Site's Images


14. Enter your main keyword in the first 100 words


15. Check the Visibility Settings of the Site


16. Check Robots.txt File


17. Publish Fresh and New Posts Regularly


18. Fix Broken Links on Blog


19. Check Errors in Google Webmaster Tools


20. Set Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links


21. Increase the DA of your site


22. Heading Tags


23. Keep Post URLs Short


24. Buy Good Web Hosting


25. Use SEO Friendly Theme


26. After publishing the post, promote it on social media


27. Use Social Share Button inside your post


28. Keep Your Site Design Clean and Simple


29. Share Your Old Article on Social Media Site


30. Join Q&A Websites 

31. Track Your Website's Ranking Keywords


32. Track Your Website Traffic and User Engagement


33. Add Image to Your Post


34. Guest Post on other top blogs


35. Comment on another blog


36. Reply to Visitor's Comment


37. Create YouTube Videos of Your Content


38. Write Trending Article on Your Blog


39. Update Old Post


40. Create Email List


41. Create a Sitemap for Your Site


42. Use the Cache Plugin


43. Use SEO Plugin


44. Set Noindex to Category and Tag Page


45. Set No-index to Author Archives


46. ​​Use a CDN


47. Use Modifiers Word in Your Title


48. Use External Links in Your Content too


49. Use Keyword Related to Focus Keyword in Content. 


50. Maintain Keyword Density in Content


51. Stay up to date with Google algorithms


52. Be Active Online


53. Google Search Advertising


54. Social Media Advertising


Do not use Website Traffic Generators Tools




Why Website Traffic is Important


Traffic is very important for the growth of the website. 

Simply put, traffic is like petrol for a website. 

As your traffic increases, so does your brand awareness.  


It collects information about the visitor (ie what the visitor wants to read) and helps in making the right decisions.


Your SEO and search engine credibility improves.


It increases the conversion rate and helps in getting more customers.


To earn well from Adsense.


Website traffic is very important to get these benefits.



Are all website traffic the same


The answer is – no …  

Website traffic comes from different sources, locations and devices. 

Even from different browsers.



for example,



If people type the website address in their browser to visit your website, then it is called direct traffic. 

Because these people have gone directly to your website.   



But if you get traffic for your website from Google Searches, then it will be called organic traffic.


There are 5 sources for website traffic:-


social traffic


organic search traffic


Direct traffic


Other traffic


Referral traffic


Social traffic: As its name suggests, the traffic coming from social media platforms is called social traffic.


Organic search: This is the traffic coming from the search engine. 

And it is considered the best traffic.


Direct traffic: When visitors type the website address to visit a website, it is called direct traffic.


Other traffic: In Google Analytics this traffic is not recognized by the default system of Google and shows as Other traffic.


Referral traffic: It sends visitors from one website to other sites. 

When a visitor goes to a new website by clicking on the hyperlink, then referral traffic is considered.


So let's start how to increase website traffic…


Website Ki Traffic Kaise Badhaye (51 Ways)


You do not have to be an expert in copywriting and SEO to increase your website traffic. 

You just have to take care of some special aspects. 

which I have mentioned below.


1. Publish Quality Content


This is the first and most important step to increase website traffic. 

Because your content will not be useful for the visitor and it will not be able to solve the problem of the visitor, then he will not like to visit your site again.


Also, Google focuses more on quality content and gives them top rank in search engines. 

However, when Google ranks a content, it uses a variety of ranking factors. 

But content quality is still very important. 

Here is a guide – How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post (12 Best Tips).  


If you publish low quality content / thin content on your site, then Google will decrease your site ranking.


A lot of low quality content / thin content leads your site towards search penalty. 

Simply put, your content will not be visible in search engines.


2. Length of your content


Your content length matters a lot in search engines. 

Long content performs better (ranked) in search engines and gets more traffic than short content. 

So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts.  


SEO Friendly Article Kaise Likhe


But keep one thing in mind, do not write rubbish things in it to increase your content length. 

Because when the reader will read your content, he will not like to visit your site again.


To understand better here is a guide on Search Engine Land – The SEO And User Science Behind Long-Form Content


You should write any post according to the need of your topic. 

But any post must be at least 300 words.  


3. Keyword Research


Keyword research is very important to increase website traffic. 

This is the most important step in SEO.


If you regularly publish unique and very useful articles on your blog, but do not do keyword research for the article, then your site will not rank in Google search result and your site will not be able to get organic traffic. 

Keyword research is not a difficult task. 

There are many great tools and websites in the market that can help you find the best keywords related to your article. 

Here I have made a list of some of the best Keyword Research Tools that you can easily find good keywords using for your article.


Always select keywords with low competition and high searches and for this you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner.  


4. Use Long Tail Keywords


Keywords made up of more than 3 words are called "Long Tail Keywords". 

Long Tail Keywords help the search engine to understand the content of the post.


Therefore Long Tail Keywords can play an important role in increasing your website traffic. 

These are highly targeted. 

Also, it helps in increasing organic traffic to your site.


For example, if I am looking for a "Website Traffic" article, then I will not search only by writing Website Traffic. 

Because I will not get accurate result. 

That's why I have to search by typing

How to get traffic on my website” or “how to get organic traffic on my website”. 


Very little search is done in the search engine with Short Tail Keywords, because we know that the search engine will not give us accurate results.


When you will also be doing some search in the search engine, then you must have searched by writing a complete question. 

Because you get accurate results.


Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords


Less competition.


Better conversion rates.


Ranks well in search results.


Helps in getting more traffic from search engines.


You can use the following tools for Long Tail Keywords:.  


Answer the Public – It suggests keyword research provided by Google and Bing and provides a unique proposition. 

Using this tool, you can easily find long tail keywords. 

It also shows related keywords for the keywords you search for.


Google AutoComplete Tool – It allows you to find long-tail keywords for any niche. 

Here, you have to type your main keyword. 

This will show you a list of long-tail keywords. 

You just have to choose the best long-tail keywords from that.


Google Auto-Suggest – Enter your main keyword in Google search, it will start showing you the search keyword related to the keyword. 

As you can see in the screenshot below.


Best keyword research tool


Google Keyword Planner - Google keyword planner is the best and free keyword research tool developed by Google. 

With the help of this, you can easily find any type of keyword whether it is long tail keyword or anything. 

Using this Google keyword planner tool, you can find out keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC and many more.  


Soovle – This is also a very popular tool that helps in finding long tail keywords.


Google related keywords search – If you want any free long tail 


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