How to get out from depression

What is depression 

Depression is caused by that situation that just feel us that we are just useless .

When we had depression we feel like you don't like anything you just feel alone and sad and listening sad song is to just put your first legs onwards to depression .

*when you are feel sadness never listen sad song just watch movies especially watch comedy movies it will fresh your mental health and never set alone and never think about your past you just have to think about your future

Think that if you will just depression all day and think about your past you just go depression more and more in your day to day life just think about your future that you have that house that dresses that shoes but it will come true when you just stop thinking about past.

When you get depressed 

1. First one is mostly seen in is after break up.

After having good relationship with your partner or with spending good time with partner it is very hard to separate suddenly 

You just remember your heaven period but just think about your partner if he/she is really like you than he/she will never separate with you 

2. Lost one of the close to your heart .

Losting that person whom you meet daily or is special to your heart is the world most painful feeling towards to you because after break up you can patch up with him/her but lost someone is the very painful because you know that person will never come .

But never overthink about that I know lost someone is tearful but everyday or every time just thinking about that it is very painful you have to understand that who is born will die one day no one live 1000 years just think about future because if you will cry than that person will not come but crying is the only thing that relax your feeling nothing will happen when you cry all the it will just make you I'll and depressed I know if that person is from your house than it will effect you very much because you do your daily routine with that person and sudden that person lost every day became painful but after day and day it will became your habit without living with that person and that habit you have made for your life if you will just thinking about that person your life will just go on the thinking about that person only so donot waste your time in thinking about that person if you are unemployed than go and search job and do that work so you can spend time without thinking about that person and meanwhile you can earn some money also and that money you can spend by doing shopping doing shopping or going outside will forget that person .

If you are in depression plz make sure you have check the doctor and that the medicine properly plz don't overthink


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