How to get out if you did not do the work on time

If you did not do the work on time or did it wrong and do not know what to say to justify it, use the generator of excuses "Copout".


How to use it:


1. Go to the site -

2. Click the button to generate an excuse. If it does not suit you - click "I want more".

3 If you do not like all the prompts, do the following:


From the computer: to the left of the button "I want more" will be a barely visible button "Top 50 excuses" - click on it, put the cursor on the list and spin the wheel. Otherwise, the list does not open. 

From smartphone: click on the three bars in the upper right corner and select "Top 50 excuses".


In the top you are sure to find the right excuse, but it's better to correct mistakes and not fakapi.


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