How to get rid of cholesterol without drugs?



How to get rid of cholesterol without drugs?


Here, I will tell you how to clear your blood vessels of cholesterol without the use of drugs and diets. 


If you follow all the recommendations, your blood vessels will be clean in two weeks. 


I will not describe how and why cholesterol appears in your blood vessels, as it would take a lot of time and bore you. 

It is not necessary to know where and why cholesterol starts to form in our blood vessels. 

It is enough to know what to do and to follow these simple tips. 


The method is to breathe constantly, throughout the day, with a feeling of a slight lack of air. 

This feeling, will allow you to remember to perform this method of breathing.


Our main task is to inhale as little air as possible. 

This should be done gradually, reducing the depth of breathing.

So breathe the need for the entire day without forgetting for a minute. 

It is necessary to teach your body to breathe this way.   


Common mistakes of beginners. 


Beginners to learn this method of breathing very much reduce the depth of their breath. 

For this reason it becomes difficult for them to breathe, their fear overwhelms.

They think they can suffocate. 

So they stop learning. 


If you started to reduce the depth of your breath, and it became very difficult for you to breathe, then it means that you reduced your breath too much.


So you should go back to the normal breathing you had before. 

Restore your breathing. 

And once your breathing is restored, continue learning.  


Feelings during the mastering of the method of breathing. 


If you follow all the recommendations, already on the first minute, a feeling of warmth will begin to appear in your body. 


For example, if your hands were cold before, they will warm up. 

There will be a feeling of warmth in your legs and body. 

This means that the method has begun to work. 


Never breathe deeply.


Deep breathing does not add oxygen to your body, but deprives you of carbon dioxide. 

When carbon dioxide is reduced in our body, all kinds of metabolism are disrupted. 


In this condition, a person can no longer have good health.


Food is not digested well. 

The hair begins to fall out. 

Teeth deteriorate. 

Cholesterol starts to form. 

A person begins to get tired quickly. 

He becomes nervous and angry. 


To stay healthy, we need to change our breathing. 

What can be easier?


Before you start mastering the method, it is advisable to take a cholesterol test. 

And after two weeks following the method, re-test and compare your tests before and after. 


Remember that only you need your health. 

Do not shift the responsibility for your health to others. 


I wish you patience in mastering the method!


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