How to get views in Instagram videos, storis and IGTV

Many Instagram account owners are already relatively familiar with adding followers, likes, and comments to regular posts. But there are problems with some content formats. The site will help you figure out how to get views on Instagram videos, posts and IGTV.

How to collect 10,000 views of Instagram storis or ether quickly

Storis are not visible in the general feed, so some subscribers miss them. It is possible to draw attention to them:

invitations from regular posts - with photo captions and the photos themselves;

Targeted recruitment by paid and free methods.

The advantage of storis is that they have their own TOP, which you can get into and get extra natural views.

Promotion and collection of Instagram views in videos, IGTV

The problem with videos and IGTV is that they are more complex content than a picture, so it is not enough for the user to just look at them and evaluate them. He has to study the video (especially a long IGTV video), spend some time on it, and only then understand whether he likes it or not. Herein lies the problem: not everyone is ready to spend time on something that he may not like.

The solution is quite simple: you can promote videos and IGTV separately, attracting views on specific videos in the amount you need. A popular account can do this almost without limitations, but beginners should be wary of too large numbers - the social network may realize that you are engaged in faking.

Exactly how to gain views on Instagram

The easiest way to get hits is to buy them from, for example, Yes, you will have to pay a little, but the price tag is very small. But you do not need to waste time looking for free promotion methods to realize that they almost do not work.

The purchase looks very simple:

You decide which video, storis, or IGTV you want to gain views on.

When you buy a pack of views from bots or live people, you specify this video.

You set up how fast the numbers will grow and wait.

Depending on the exchange, it may be possible to buy views on several recent videos and storis, which is an imitation of user behavior (a person enters the profile and looks at several of the most recent posts and stories).

In general, promotion for money can bring quite a lot of benefit. But you can't be in a hurry. If you gain views in Instagram videos, storis and IGTV too quickly you can fall under suspicion of scamming. But slow and steady growth is normal, and you can imitate it quite successfully.


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