How to improve memory without drugs. A simple way

Memory training is easy and fun. There is a simple, tried and scientifically proven algorithm. Its application will help to easily and quickly recall the necessary information.


Life of a modern person, full of events and communication, places serious demands on his memory. The more developed the ability to remember necessary information, the more confident a person feels in the proposed circumstances, the more diverse, interesting and efficient can organize work and rest.


In order to ensure that memory serves you without fail and never fails, it is necessary to keep the brain, as well as any muscle, in tone. To achieve this result, there are two options: to regularly use a special drug or competently and conscientiously perform training. The method of memory recovery without the use of medication includes the following components:


memory offloading;

rest of the brain;

Extraordinary training with complex tasks.

How to free the brain from "extra knowledge"

In order to rationally use the volume of memory, you should not load it with information that will soon be unnecessary to remember. Any daily activities, plans for the week and even months can be remembered with the help of a diary or hang reminders in the right places. Written down no longer need to keep in mind, it saves the brain from overwork, and crossing off the completed task from the list gives psychological satisfaction.


Preparing for a public speaking at a meeting, an important meeting, the need to make a report involve special preparation to eliminate brain overload. It is necessary to write down the main theses and questions in a thoughtful order and, adhering to the plan, conduct the conversation or performance. Pre-rehearsals in front of the mirror, as well as the ability to concentrate on yourself will give confidence. If you are not distracted by extraneous sounds, your memory will produce a clearly prepared text.


A few ways to rest

During the day, it is advisable to give your brain a few times a break. This will help to restore its efficiency and maintain a high efficiency of memory for a long time. A good result is a light massage with the fingertips of the temporal and occipital areas of the head. The use of aromatherapy has a beneficial effect. Breathing in the scents of relaxing oils provides a rest for the cells of the brain. Jogging in the fresh air helps to achieve complete relaxation. The intense flow of oxygen-rich blood to the head literally restores mental clarity and freshness of thoughts. At the same time you can disconnect from the problems with your favorite music.


The methods of practice can be chosen individually and vary depending on personal abilities and plans. You can allocate special time for memorizing poems or solving crossword puzzles. Challenging tasks based on the ability to think logically develop the brain, which will keep the memory in excellent condition. An important prerequisite is to combine any training with a healthy lifestyle. Quality nutrition, exercise and fresh air will help in achieving the desired result.


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