How To increase Battery efficiency on an android

HEY! is your battery draining very fast 🚴三 and you happen to have an Android? Don't you worry because I've Gotchu! 

I'll tell you some ways that can help you maximize your battery usage and help you to get more out of your Android phone. Let's get started... 

This will be a step by step guide and no... I won't be like the people who tell you to delete system 32 on your computer 😅

Step 1. Turning off Vibrations

You know when you type or do some other things your phone vibrates? Well that extremely drains your battery 🔋I'm going to tell you how to turn them off and get more battery life. This will give you roughly 15%~ more battery life, let's do this. 

Go to settings in your Android and scroll down until you see "Sound and Vibration" This might be different depending on your android, for my case it's a redmi. Open the setting and turn off all the notification settings that you don't want, turn all off if you want max battery from this step.If there is an additional settings option also go to that and turn all off (until you really like one) but turn all off which don't feel necessary to you. 

Step 2. Brightness

Brightness will effectively affect your battery life... Now, no need to panic, you really don't want to make your phone like it's screen is non existent 😖. If you like your brightness up then there is still one more option and that is turning on "Auto Brightness" This wont really turn your brightness all the way down but automatically adjust it according to the situation the brightness suits the best. Make sure to try this! 

Battery You'll Gain:

All the way down brightness:- Roughly 37% (Depends) 

Auto Brightness:- 9-16%~

Step 3. Deleting Unused apps

Yes... I know some of you might be saying how it will help gain battery? Isn't it more of a boost to phone's performance? Well yes! Deleting unused apps doesn't only boost performance but help you in so many different ways too, it will help you in this battery issue because the apps you install keep running in your phone's background even if they are closed and eat your battery from inside out, so consider deleting apps 😄

Battery Gain:- Depends on how many and what apps you delete but yeah, 2%-100% like literally 😅

So guys that's it for this article if this helps you make sure to check my other articles (to come) 


- Signing out 😌


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