How to increase male potency and improve the condition of the prostate gland without the use of drugs

How to increase male potency and improve the condition of the prostate gland without the use of drugs.


The method I am going to tell you about is very simple.

But you will need willpower to master this method.

Causes of reduced potency.


The main reason for the decrease in potency and prostate problems is deep breathing.


Deep breathing does not add more oxygen to our body, but lowers the level of carbon dioxide.


According to the Verigo-Bohr effect, which states that when carbon dioxide levels in the blood are lowered, hemoglobin's connection to oxygen is increased.


Simply put, when our body's CO2 content decreases, our blood impairs the oxygen delivery to our body.

All of our organs, heart, kidneys, brain, and prostate, begin to suffer from the lack of oxygen.

Our blood vessels spasm, our muscles become inelastic.

All kinds of metabolism in our body is disturbed.

A man becomes ill.

In such a state, the level of potency will steadily decline.

No medicine will help here.

Because drugs don't take away the cause of the decrease in potency, and also work for a limited period of time.

We need to remove the cause of the decrease in potency.

The reason for the decrease in potency is a metabolic disorder in the body, which can only be restored by breathing and nothing else.


Description of the method.


Mastering the method is possible in any environment, sitting, standing, while moving.

You always need to breathe only through your nose.




The method is to reduce the depth of breathing.

You need to reduce the volume of air you breathe in, not much, just a little.

Breathe with a feeling of a slight lack of air.

Reduce the volume of air you breathe in so much that it was not too hard for you to breathe so throughout the day.

If you reduce the volume of air you breathe in very strongly, then it will be difficult for you to breathe, and you will be forced to switch to normal breathing and the method will stop working.


Reduce the depth of breathing should be gradual, so that the body is easy to readjust to the new work.

If you breathe without feeling a slight lack of air, you will forget about breathing, and the method will stop working.


You will feel warmth in your body while applying the method.

This means that the method began to work, everything is good, continue to practice breathing.


After a few days of using the method, you will feel it easier to reduce the depth of your breathing.

Do not stop, all the time continue to breathe with a feeling of a slight lack of air.


With a conscientious attitude to mastering the method, your level of mastery will constantly grow.

Eventually, your breathing will become so shallow that you will have no breaths or exhalations.

There will be such sensation, that air in you simply goes in and out by itself.

You will stop feeling the air passing through your nose.


How to breathe while talking.


Don't take in air with your mouth while you're talking.

Take a short breath through your nose and speak.

Don't talk until you run out of air.

Stop a little early, take a short breath through your nose, and keep talking.


Physical activity.


Any physical activity allows our body to produce more carbon dioxide.

Therefore, regular walking with the method at the same time will be beneficial.

If you like to go jogging, make sure you don't go into deep breathing. If, during the workout, there is a desire to start breathing deeply, stop, restore your breathing.

And continue your workout.

Any physical work is useful, and laziness is harmful.


Bad habits.


The most dangerous and harmful habit is smoking.

Smoking deepens your breathing.

If you smoke, then you will be very difficult to reduce the depth of breathing and mastering the method of breathing will go very slowly, and most likely because of the smoking method will not work.

You need to choose what is more important for you, potency and good health or cigarettes.




There are some restrictions in nutrition, but they are not essential.

Don't eat or drink artificially created foods and drinks.

Foods and drinks that have nothing natural in them.

Don't overeat. Strongly overfilled stomach will hamper the work of the respiratory muscle, the diaphragm, and it will become difficult for you to reduce the depth of breathing.

Drink water when you are thirsty. From time to time, pay attention to yourself with the question if I am thirsty. You don't have to force two liters of water into yourself.

No animal in nature does that.

Everyone drinks when they have the urge to drink water and eats when they have the urge to eat.


Don't drink too much coffee, and if you can, it's better to give up coffee.

Alcohol causes you to lose control over yourself.

Lose control over yourself, and the method will stop working.


About health.


If you have sick teeth, they need to be treated.

Inflammatory processes in your teeth will prevent you from mastering the method, progress will be slow and at some point will stop.

If some teeth cannot be treated, they must be extracted.


Friends, that’s it!


Now you have the knowledge that will allow you to keep your potency at the proper level and maintain good health for years to come.


Now it's all up to you.


It's your body, give it a little attention and everything will be fine.

Don't pass the responsibility for your health on to doctors.


Be in the method!


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