How to increase productivity when working remotely on the Internet?

Millions of persons everywhere the world have long been forced to job from house because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When working remotely, we have often experienced a drop in productivity. Learn how you can easily remedy the situation.

Be Realistic About What You Can Do

A full day's work from home gives you many opportunities. 50 things to do on your to-do roll? No problem! But with this mindset, you can quickly fall into the snare of over-ambition. Be realistic, and then you'll accomplish more than you planned. You'll also be satisfied rather than disillusioned that you didn't get everything done. Choose 3-5 things to do and try to get them done before lunch. Everyone slows down in the afternoon, so if you get your things done early, you'll feel better about yourself.

Divide the working day into periods

In the office, everything can interrupt your work: interactions with coworkers, lunch breaks, and even trips to the bathroom, but when you're home alone without scheduled personal interaction, it's easy to job for long, uninterrupted periods. But will it do any good? To stay productive, set yourself a work structure that jobs for you. For example, working in blocks of 45-60 minutes followed by a short break can be an efficient way to maintain your level of concentration.

Don't forget about breaks
You can:
  • take the dog for a walk;
  • clean up the house;
  • workout.

These simple activities are not time-consuming and allow you to take your mind off work.

Let yourself have fun

When you start working in a new environment (especially a home environment), you are immersed in your work. But don't forget to have fun. Make a clear schedule and follow it at all times. On weekends and breaks, allow yourself to communicate with friends and go to interesting places. This will definitely increase your productivity and, consequently, your earnings.


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