How To INSTALL Chrome Extension On Android || Firefox Add-Ons


😏 Yes I am but  not much .

Okk Let me first tell you about Chrome Extensions.

Chrome Extensions  :- In simple words chrome extensions works similar like cheat codes in GTA Vice City Game after applying these special codes your player can do many such things which it can't be able to do before. Same like that if you use CHROME EXTENSIONS  then your pc/mobile's browser also can do many advance and extra things (like it can Auto-fill your saved address in any website during buying process.)

How To Add Chrome Extension On Android 

  1. First download Yandex Browser. from Playstore in Your Android.
  2. After Downloading and successfully installing Open It. 
  3. Search for Chrome Webstore.
  4. Here install your desired Extension (you must login first with your Google account) 
  5. Lastly enjoy by using chrome extensions in android. 
Readers can also watch my this Video for better understanding. "How To Get Chrome Extensions On Android "


Hope You Guyzz Enjoyed This!! 


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