How to install windows 11?

Transition difficulties

Strictly speaking, Windows 11 was shown back in June, but so far it has been available to a small number of beta testers and enthusiasts who have carefully studied each new build, searched out and loudly voiced any error. However, there were not so many of them, which is hinted at by the record release dates of the OS - Microsoft has never been so agile.

But this has its price: Windows 11 has high computer requirements. To check whether the hardware is supported, Redmond even created a separate PC Health Check program, which will (or not) give the green light to the installation. In our case, all the conditions (like the eighth generation of Intel processors or the presence of a trusted platform module) were met. And of course, the computer needs to be updated to the latest version of the "tens".Next, go to the Windows 11 download page and run the installation procedure. Microsoft constantly says that you need to download the distribution only from an official source, the only way you can be sure of security. In the future, an automatic update to the "eleventh" will arrive on supported computers, while those who wish will have to perform the operation manually.

The installation will ideally take about an hour. We also had problems. The error code 0x8007007f is massive, and Microsoft has not yet explained why the installation is suddenly interrupted. However, it is treated simply: the installer must be run manually with administrator rights.

Otherwise, the upgrade to Windows 11 is seamless — you can even work on the computer. For those who want to install the OS on a clean system, the option of the grandfather's method of downloading from a USB flash drive has been provided — this is not prohibited in Redmond.


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