How to keep your brain healthy?

How to keep your brain healthy

Health is a major issue in the present times when the world is still recovering from the deadly attack of a pandemic. Building strong immunity is of utmost importance to protect oneself from any kind of disease. Proper diet should've accompanied by a healthy lifestyle to keep diseases at bay. Going to a gym is the most popular option among urban people. Cardio and weight exercises produce positive effects in many ways. But what about the "headquarter of the body"? The dark side of the modern lifestyle is that we are making our brains idle and weak. Sticking to the phone, captured in the world of youtube videos, giving up reading habits, no time to think, are making our brains idle and weak. We have no time for that part of the body that controls everything. Sad!!!!. We think we are tech savvy but we are actually becoming slaves of technology. We need a calculator to add four items.



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Here are three games that act as muscle building workouts for the brain. These games can be played anytime, at any place and there is no need to spend a penny. It just needs few moments.

Shulte Table: This is a number game like sudoku and has been proven to be a booster work out for the brain.



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spending few moments regularly on this game can improve peripheral vision, attention, and visual reception.

Hand Gestures: This is a miraculous game that improves the coordination capability of the brain. This workout increases alertness. The game involves interchanging the gestures of the left and right hand quickly. For example right hand ok left-hand thumbs up, then vice versa, but changing the signs as fast as possible.



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Multicolor text: This is another fun game that makes the brain sweat and increases response time, activeness, and alertness of the brain. The trick is to read the color, not the text. Regular practice with this game can make the brain more alert and active.

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Reading a book or text loudly: This is a practice mostly known to be religious is very effective in enhancing memory. Hearing one's own voice has been found to be very effective in exciting the memory cells of the brain.

Interchanging Hands: Most of us use our right hand for performing almost all kinds of jobs. It has been scientifically proved that occasional changing of hands, like trying to write with left-hand increases the responsiveness of the brain. Interchanging of hands occasionally stimulates the locomotive part of the brain and gathers the neurons closely.

Aerobic exercises: Doing aerobic exercises at least three days a week improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain which rejuvinates the brain cells and improves brain activity.

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aerobic workouts help remove lumps in brain and open clots . Thus refreshes the brain and gives the cells a new life.

Passive memory training: Observaing four to five details of the people and places that we observe on roads or public places.


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