How to kiss correctly?

1. Prepare 

What's the status of your breathing? If you both ate khinkali with garlic sauce at dinner, it may not be a big deal, but in all other cases, it's better to keep gum on hand. And yes, think through exactly how you will transition to active romance. Take off your glasses ahead of time, think about how to bend over more comfortably. Awkward kisses look cute only in romantic comedies. In life, it is better to think carefully about your impulse to make it look not only spontaneous, but also spectacular and confident. 


2. Choose the Right Moment 

Are you sure that now is the right time and you're not just trying to fill an awkward pause? If the girl is expecting to be kissed, or it's at least appropriate, the result (and the process) will be much cooler. Don't try to save a failed date with a kiss - it probably won't help. 


3. don't let her get choked up. 

A great kiss can be compared to a well-cooked biscuit - it should not be too wet or, conversely, dry. Too much saliva - and you will forever have a reputation as a French... bulldog, not a lover. Control the situation - alternate between deep tongue kisses and light lip touches so you don't feel like you're at the dentist's office with a broken saliva ejector. 


4. Kiss more than just on the lips. 

Yes, there are people in the world who don't like tongue kissing. And that's sad, because hardly anyone can be turned on by a chaste smack. Instead of trying to break the defense with brute force, change your tactics - kiss everything but the face. A lifesaving area - the neck (one of the main erogenous zones). But do not ignore and, say, the ears - lightly bite the lobe. But to run your tongue into the ear - a technique that is better not to try on a new acquaintance. The more attention you give to different parts of the body, the more likely that at some point she will kiss you on the lips - let this be part of your cunning plan. 


5. Be gentle. 

Passionate, not to say aggressive kisses are sometimes very helpful, but you can't keep up that pace for long. In movies, the characters usually immediately begin to tear off each other's clothes, and in the next montage already smoking serenely. You do not need such a hurry, so start with unhurried, barely noticeable kisses, gradually increasing the degree of intensity. Accelerate from zero to a hundred in ten seconds is good only on the go-kart, in other cases do not hurry (it also applies to foreplay). 


6. Watch your tongue 

It's just like sex: it's not enough just to stick something in, you have to move around a little bit more. Passive kissing is one of the worst crimes you can commit, so don't stand there like you're licking the swings in the cold. Show activity to show that you basically want to kiss. Change techniques: speed up, slow down, be assertive then relaxed. Just do not turn the kiss into a competition to find the tonsils. How to understand that the girl really enjoys the process? If she unconsciously repeats your technique, then you do everything right. 


7. Don't stay silent. 

Allow yourself to make sounds during the kiss. Don't try to act like a snarling alpha male in a porno, but heavy breathing and low moans are a good way to show that you actually feel good. At the same time check if the girl suffocated - if she responds, then everything is fine. Do not believe those who say that these men have to indulge in passion in silence. There's no shame in expressing your emotions. 


8. Do something other than kissing. 

It was in the eighth grade, you could continuously kiss for three hours straight. But if puberty is behind you, then sooner or later you may simply get tired of such monotony. And no, we're not saying that sex is a compulsory continuation of the program. Just do not forget about the other caresses: you can run over her hair, press her close to you, whisper something in her ear, switch to kissing other parts of the body, in the end (see point 4). Just never kiss your partner on the tip of the nose - this strange gesture is unlikely to be appreciated. 


9. Choose the right words. 

When the kiss comes to an end, pull away and tell him how amazing it was. After that, the chances of a second go-around will only increase.


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