How to Learn How to Glue Wallpaper in 5 Minutes?

1. If the walls are uneven and there is no desire to level, buy thick wallpaper (foam) vinyl on a non-woven or non-woven.

2 No matter what kind of glue you bought. Do not dilute liquid and apply to the wall in two layers so it does not dry out. The wallpaper will never come off.

3. When gluing to the joint, you do not need to pull the edge of the wallpaper, trying to reduce the gap. Glue the entire strip and again, effortlessly align the joint.

4. Only when working with paper wallpaper is it necessary to apply glue to both the wallpaper and the wall.

5. Try to glue wallpaper when it is not hot outside the window, so you will have more time to glue one sheet of wallpaper. In the heat, the glue dries quickly.

6. Close the windows, or rather beware of a draft. This is explained by the rapid drying of the glue.

7. It is faster and better to glue the wallpaper by two people. One applies glue, the second glues wallpaper, standing on a stepladder or stool, then the first helps to correct a strip of wallpaper.

8. Cut the entire roll at once into strips. If the wallpaper is patterned, then align them.

9. If you spread a lot of glue, don't worry about it drying out. The glue in a closed container can be stored for up to a week.

11. Before gluing the first strip, draw a vertical line on the wall with a construction level. This way you will avoid warping.

Here are the basic tips for gluing wallpaper.


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