How to learn how to play Standoff 2 better?

I personally have a lot of acquaintances and friends who have been playing Standoff 2 for a long time, but do it very badly, their statistics are always bad. Although learning to play this online shooter well is quite simple, you only need a little patience and regularity. Remember the main thing - everything comes with experience, and only by playing you will learn to play, but at the same time, you need to know what to pay attention to, and not mindlessly run and die 100 times.


Let's look at the main aspects to pay attention to in order to improve your game in Standoff 2:


Beginners definitely need to learn to play with 3 fingers, this style of play is at least inconvenient for the first few hours and will have to get used to it, but it gives a huge advantage over those who play with two fingers.


Try to play with different senses, and choose the best convenient option for yourself.


Play wisely. Try to remember not only the map, but also the places where rivals can most often be, so you can predict the actions of enemies, and you can choose an unobvious route for opponents and places for shelter or ambush.


Learn how to use radar, again, many players do not pay any attention to it, but it gives a lot of valuable information and helps both to choose the right position yourself and to predict the position of the opponent.


I advise you to still try to play on schedule on different maps and with different weapons in order not only to learn how to aim and shoot, but also to know all the places and routes on the map. The most important advice is to play more often if you want to learn.

How to shoot correctly

All professional players, and just high-ranking players, play a role in the team and use a maximum of 2-3 weapons. Adopt this and also train with only a few weapons for a few days and you will see progress in shooting. The fact is that you will get used to weapons and be able to control the spread of cartridges, which means that you will aim more accurately, learn timings.


Make yourself get used to the fact that the sight should be kept at the level of the enemy's head, and if, for example, it ran out at you, you can visit and kill him faster. This is a very important key skill.


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