How to live a very long life

Did you know that there is an effective, inexpensive secret to longevity and health? No, we are not talking about medicines, procedures, but about what is available to each of us. Daily intake of quality water is enough to make many health problems irrelevant. Yes, its necessary amount helps to cope with excess weight, metabolic disorders, emotional disorders. In addition, it allows you to prevent early aging, diseases that occur at a certain age.


Fluid performs many functions in our body:


Transport - delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells;

excretory and antitoxic - it removes toxins from the body;

It participates in thermoregulation and digestion;

It gives flexibility to joints and provides elasticity and firmness to the skin;

with its participation all metabolic processes take place in the body.

Water is a necessary condition for life of every cell, of the whole organism. But many of us are chronically dehydrated, which is extremely dangerous to our health. You may be surprised that even those who consume enough water have such problems. What causes it? There are several reasons, but we will list the main ones below:


Insufficient amount of minerals in the body.

This condition often becomes chronic. Occurs due to low levels of magnesium and calcium in the products and fluids one consumes. According to scientists, about 80% of people experience dehydration for this reason, because minerals are actively transported with the water component of the body.

Emotional stress and constant stress.

With today's pace and lifestyle, there are often stressful conditions that lead to nervous system problems, metabolic problems and adrenal gland malfunction. These failures are characterized by nervousness, insomnia, and permanent fatigue. There is an increased need for fluids, craving for sweets or salty foods, which negatively affects the overall condition.

Substitution of water with tea, coffee, sweet fizzy drinks, juices and other liquids.

Such substitution eliminates thirst while leaving dehydration, because these fluids act as diuretics, but do not eliminate toxins from the body.

What are the consequences of the above conditions? The most detrimental to health. Normal functioning of cells and organs is disrupted. The body accumulates fat, obesity occurs. The kidneys begin to retain water, which favors the appearance of various edemas, swellings along with the subcutaneous tissue. The mechanisms that cause thirst are disturbed, serious diseases are discovered.


The question arises: can this be avoided? Yes, it is enough to follow some simple rules:


Consumption of the required amount of water.

If you consume less than 1.5-2.5 liters a day, then add 0.5-1 glass daily to the usual volume. No puffiness and more frequent urination? Great, add the same amount.

Take water 15 to 30 minutes before meals.

This improves digestion and helps you lose extra pounds.

Variety your diet with biologically important elements.

Ask what foods are rich in magnesium and calcium salts and eat them more often. If this is not possible, take vitamin and mineral complexes that your doctor will prescribe.

Drink only that water in the quality of which you are sure.

This is one of the first conditions for all of the above to contribute to health and bring pleasure


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