How to lose weight at home

The very thought of how to lose weight at home brings sad memories to many of us. We tried, and more than once, right? And how can you lose weight when you love to cook and every day you try to feed your family with something tasty, if you can't refuse the traditional family evening tea with a delicious cake or delicious pancakes? Since we cannot defeat our craving for great goodies, it means that we will try to act differently - we will outsmart our body.


So, let's start, perhaps, with seemingly simple, well-known for a long time, but at the same time useful and practical advice that can provide tangible help to everyone who wants to lose weight at home.

• First of all, learn to cook quickly and eat slowly.

• Try not to taste food while cooking.

• Eat healthy apple or dried fruit snacks every four hours or so to help maintain your blood sugar and relieve overwhelming hunger and bad moods.

vegetables, diet • Satisfy the needs of your body without saturating it - this is the main rule.

• It is very difficult to immediately abandon the usual way of life, so do everything gradually: replace chocolate, cookies or your favorite cake with some kind of fruit or vegetable salad.

• In no case do not turn the process of losing weight into an exhausting struggle with your body, turn the process of losing weight into entertainment and every day try to please yourself with something new and useful.

• The idea that a cup of coffee drunk without anything will stifle your appetite is wrong. It is coffee that promotes appetite, so it is better to drink water - a glass of lukewarm water without gas 30 minutes before a meal and a little during the day.

• If you really want to eat a slice of cake or a sandwich with butter and sausage, remember - you can always make a small exception to the rule, and make it better in the morning, and in the evening refuse a hearty dinner by eating something light and healthy, for example, vegetable stew.


healthy food And some more useful tips. Often we all have to eat on the go, in between household chores. You will have to say goodbye to this bad habit once and for all. In this case, the so-called "5-minute rule" will be a miraculous salvation. When you want to go to the kitchen in search of food, wait 5 minutes and, quite possibly, you will be distracted by something else and change your mind. Sometimes water helps - thirst is often confused with appetite. As soon as you feel hungry, drink half a glass of room temperature water. If your appetite is still there, eat. And one more thing: no weight loss is possible without physical activity. Housework is still a burden, you say, and you will, of course, be right. However, a few exercises a day will not hurt either, as well as walking. Move more, walk with children, give yourself positive emotions, and the upcoming changes will surprise and delight you. Do not chase after quick results, do not go from one extreme to another, deciding that today in the morning you stop eating altogether and begin to lose weight - for the body, such a decision will become a real shock that does not promise anything good. Hurry up slowly, start your weight loss, for example, with fasting days. They will help you gradually enter your chosen diet. Here are some examples of such effective fasting days, choose according to your taste.


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