How to lose weight in a week

Lose weight in a week! Do you doubt your own strength? You should not, because it is possible. Seven days is a realistic period to lose weight, but you should be careful. A diet for a week can be good for your body, but it can also cause irreparable harm to your health - it all depends on the diet and the menu. We tell you how to lose weight in a week at home and not to harm yourself.

How to lose weight in a week and remove the belly? Significant weight loss can also lead to the loss of annoying folds that form on the stomach. But a drastic weight loss can have health consequences. 

The "2 kg in a week" diet

Actually, it is real to lose 2 kg in a week - this has already been tested by various practitioners.  To lose 2 kg in a week, you do not need to put a lot of effort. You can choose minimal food restrictions or physical activity. 2 kg It's real! How to lose weight in just one week - ways that work

In a week will disappear after regular exercise (10-15 minutes every morning): twisting a hoop, jogging, squatting, jumping rope.

Lose weight in 2 weeks by revising your diet, the meals you eat, the volume of portions you put on your plate. A little less of everything and the result will not be long in coming. If an extra 10 minutes of sleep are more important for you, make adjustments to your eating regime: eat a solid breakfast, have a light dinner, drink more water, and avoid bread, sauces and sweets - 2 kg will be gone in a week with ease. How to lose weight in a week by 1 kg? Exactly the same - the process, of course, will be even faster.

The "5 kilos in a week" diet

Lose 5 kg in a week is a more complicated task. But it is also possible to cope with it without harming your health. 5 kg is a tangible weight loss that will be noticeable to others. Sometimes it is 5 extra pounds that separate you from the figure of your dreams.

Extra volume on the hips, ugly folds on the stomach - all this does not make you fat, but it prevents you from looking sexy in open summer dresses. The goal is set: 5 kg a week! Start your weekly diet with the hardest part - the unloading day, it will definitely help you learn how to lose weight fast in a week.

In fact, this is a great way to lose weight in a week without sports. The night before, give your body a cleanse with weight loss tea and an enema. Spend the first day on apples and kefir: 1 kg of apples and 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir divided into 6 portions and eat at regular intervals during the day.

Drink water to avoid dehydration and do not feel a sharp sense of hunger. After the cardinal unloading, proceed to the diet itself. There are a lot of weight loss diets for the week. For example, kefir diet. Choose one that suits you. How much weight can you lose in a week by following these tips? Practice shows that 2-5 kilograms.

Diet "7 kg a week".

Losing 7 kilograms in a week can be dangerous for your body, especially if the excess weight is not much. 

If you seriously think about the "7 kg in a week" diet, you will have to limit yourself in many ways. Lose weight in a week at home in such a situation is not easy. You want to indulge yourself with tasty things, but you can not, it takes willpower.  The diet "7 kg a week" does not involve physical exertion, in contrast to more moderate diets for a week. A tough diet is stressful for the body, which will shift its resources to ensure your vitality.

You can lose 7 pounds in a week with exercise.  Strenuous fitness or exertion can lead to poor health and blood pressure. In essence, the 7 kg in a week diet is a week-long unloading with the denial of dinner. One option for a week-long diet is the Estonian Protein Diet.

Lose weight in a week! Menu:

- 1 day - 6 boiled eggs.

- Day 2: 1 kg of low-fat cottage cheese.

- Day 3 - Chicken fillet boiled (or steamed).

- Day 4 - 100 grams of boiled rice

- Day 5 - 6 boiled or baked potatoes

- day 6 - 1 kg of apples

- Day 7 - complete water and kefir cleanse.

Now you know how to lose weight fast in a week! And you will succeed!


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