How to make a GIF animation from a YouTube video

You can use cool video editors like Premiere Pro or Movavi Video Editor, but they are expensive. There is a free option - online service GIFS. It will make a quality GIF out of any video clip and any length!


How to use it:


1. Go to 

2. Insert the link to the video and click "Continue".

3. An editor will appear. To change the length of the animation - use the time bar at the bottom, and additional features are in the column on the left. There you can add text, reflect, give different shades, and so on.

4. As you finish editing the video - click "Create GIF" in the upper right corner, then click "Skip".

5. We will be prompted to buy a subscription. Without it, the animation will be watermarked. Buy or not - you decide.

6. Leafing through the list on the right and click "Download.


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