How to make a room lighter design tips

When planning a room design, many people are guided by pictures and photos, but in reality it turns out that the colors do not look the way they would like. More often than not, the interior turns out to be darker than it seemed in the beginning.

The lack of light in the room can affect the mood, and you need to make up for it with lighter colors. Experts told the portal Domstrousam how to visually brighten the room and transform it.

Light bulbs

First of all, you need to pay attention to the light sources. The standard chandelier on the ceiling is sometimes not enough. Then it is desirable to create additional lighting in the room. It is best to make it multilevel. Great suit slats, in which the light bulbs are placed. Lovers of decorations often give preference to elaborate sconces or artfully made lamps, which can be placed on the furniture.


Not everyone knows that mirrors can make a room lighter. They can double the light in reflection, and the room becomes brighter. Even a single large mirror can change the visual appearance of a room. In addition, with a beautiful frame it will be an important element of the decor. All shiny surfaces, such as crystal glasses placed in a sideboard behind the glass, can reflect and intensify the light.

Unnecessary things

If the room is decorated in gloomy colors, there will be a catastrophic shortage of light. It is better to immediately refuse massive dark curtains and a huge number of pillows. Give preference to light colors and finer fabrics.

Gold and silver

The golden color of the decor elements can also give light and shine to the room. Gold goes well with any furniture, but here the main thing is not to go overboard. An excess of gold in the design will spoil everything. An excellent alternative would be a silver tone. It is not as bright and makes the interior of the room more noble.

Blurring the lines

Brighten and visually expand the room can be achieved by using a technique called blurring the borders. To do this, you need to initially purchase interior items and accessories of light shades, such as white cabinets, tables, chairs, bed.


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