How to make chicken pasta in a white sauce?

Creamy Chicken pasta in white sauce is an Italian recipe which is very popular nowadays. You can skip the chicken and add sliced mushrooms for a vegetarian version. Try out this delicious pasta at your home. Enjoy !


1. Boneless chicken  -  2 pieces


2. Pepper  -  as per taste


3. Salt        


4. Water


For boiling pasta


1. Penne pasta / any pasta of your choice - 1 cup


2. Water  - 5 cups or as required to boil


3. Salt to taste


4. Oil  - 1 tbspn ( Use sunflower oil or olive oil )


For pasta


1. Butter  -  1 tbspn


2. Onion  - 1 finely chopped


3. Green capsicum  -  1/2 finely chopped


4. Carrot  -  1/2 finely chopped


5. Pepper  - as per taste


6. Red chilli flakes  -  1/4 tspn


7. Water  -  3 tbspn or as required


8. Mozeralla cheese or parmesan cheese


9. Salt to taste    


10. Oregano


11. Mint leaves for tarnishing


For White Sauce


1. Butter  -  1 tbspn


2. Garlic cloves  -  2 finely chopped


3. All purpose flour  -  1 tbspn


4. Milk  - 1 cup        


5. Salt to taste


For chicken: In a pan, boil water and add boneless  chicken, pepper powder and salt to taste.


Cook for 10 - 15 minutes. Once cooked, strain the water and chop the chicken into small pieces. Keep aside.


For cooking pasta : In a large vessel boil water and cook pasta by adding oil and salt.


Cook the pasta for 10 - 15 minutes. When done, strain it and keep aside.


For White Sauce: Heat a pan, add butter and saute chopped garlic.


Add all purpose flour and continuously stir till the raw smell of the flour goes.


Add milk in 3 batches and continuously  whisk till a thick paste is formed.


Add salt. Mix well and get the sauce to a boil. Switch off the flame and keep aside.


For White Sauce Chicken pasta: In a pan, heat butter and saute chopped onions.


Add carrot and capsicum. Saute it.Then add the chopped chicken pieces and mix well.


Add the prepared white sauce and mix well. Add little water and boiled pasta. Mix well.


Sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes, pepper and salt to taste. Give a good mix and transfer to a serving bowl. Sprinkle some mozeralla cheese and garnish it with mint leaves.


So the tasty chicken pasta in white sauce is ready to serve. Serve hot !


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